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I haven't been on this website for over one year. I'm posting because I'm running out of options and hope. My family is experiencing a lot of financial difficulties and to make things worse my brother just got into a complicated car accident and we're really suffering. I feel like i'm drowning and i seriously need God to come up with a solution soon. I always read the "pray for me please" signs and I used to ignore them, but here I am, begging someone to help me. Please, please, please..I can't stress how much I need prayers and comfort at this time.


  • God be with you and your family in this time of great trouble if you need to just talk to anyone pm me and never stop praying. you are in my prayers.

    God Bless and Pray for me and my weakness
  • God be with you lol all the time, never lose hope in God at allllll, God will solve everything out, PM me at anytime and I promise that I will reply in no more than one day.

    yalla take care

  • hey awad,

    I am sorry of what you are going through!

    But trust me, you are not the only one that life is tough on! Things now may seem like they do NOT make sense, but wait untill god takes you out of this situation. Then you are going to impressed by what god's hand can do, and understand why such a situation happened.

    I will defenitly pray for you.

    Rabana ma3ak we ma3 osretak fe el sheda di, beshafa3t omena el hanona el 3dra mariam ely fe edaha mesahelalna kol el emor we beshafa3at el papa kyrollos we kol el malika we el kedesean rabana ensha allah mosh haisebak.

    Just say " ya 3dra ya om el norr yalli fi-ediki mesahella kol el emoor" and I am sure god is listening! he just wants you to say "YA RAB"!

    Don't worry, ermi kool hemlak 3alla rabana and he will take care of it! and this is not MY SAYING it is HIS SAYING! IF YOU OPEN THE BIBLE..... YOU WILL SEE HIS WORDS!

    Rabana ma3ak ya akhi el 3aziz

  • God never leaves our side, we unfortunately are the ones who leave Him. Supplicate the Lord with all your might and your needs will be provided for you and your family. Please feel free to PM me as well anytime my friend, my prayers are with u, I pray that all your troubles be eased habibi.

    God Bless all
  • Please tamanena 3aleki awad! and how things go!

    Rabana ma3ki we ma3a osretek fe el sheda di

    Pray for me,

  • God does not forget His children...He knows what you are goin through and everything has a time under Heaven. God be with you.

    Go to Church and take confess, take communion, and ask St. Mary and the Saints for their prayers.

    God be with you
  • =) pray for you i shall. im sorry that you have to go through this =(...but look on the positive side..your brothers alive, and you have a family. God didnt leave you, i dont exactly know why i said that, half the time i think God has abandoned me, but i guess patientce is key.
  • awad,

    We all lose our faith in the time of trouble! It is part of the human nature!

    You-know One time there was abona from N.Y. came and visited our church! and his wa3za ( lecture) was great!

    He said, "God puts us in trouble for us to remember he is there and for us to call his Holy Name and say "Ya rab ana mehtaglak" ( english "God I need you", what god does to us is like a man puts a toast to toasted it of course he is not going to leave it there for it to burn, but he is going to put it for a short while and then take it out! that is what god is doing to us, He lets bad things happen to us and he is watching and he is there but however he does NOT let this bad thing go to the extreme, also, like a person who is sick, when he is sick he lays on his back and his eyes are looking to the celling and ofcourse whoever is sick say "God please make me feel better", that is what god wants us to do, is for us to remember he is there! and there is no need to be scared because the bible said "If god is with us then who is against us?" also god said "ehna manokhseash 3alla kafao" means that "we stamped on his hand" it is hard for him to just forget about us""

    I recorded his lecture on my phone and i listen to it everytime when something bad happens and it lets me down! I have listened to it alot that I know it word for word and it never gets old!

    Please pray for me,

  • Rabna m3aak...jut pray it's the only solution that will help you overcome is a nice saying that I was thinking of when reading your post...

    "The shortest distance between a problem and a solution is the distance between your knees and the floor. The one who kneels to the lord can stand up to anything"

    You are definetly in my prayer.
  • rabanna ma3aak awad,

    abouna tadros malaty says "if you make God happy, He will make you happy!"

    make God happy by reading in the bible, praying for yourself, your brother, and your family, and He will make you happy...

    we all will make God happy when he sees the love between all of us shared here, and he will make you and us happy!

    don't worry, God is very near...

    plus, look at it from the bright side, your crown is getting bigger, and your family's too, since you are suffering for the Glory of his name with patience...
  • Thanks a lot guys, I can't tell you how much better i feel and thanks to your prayers, I have a new job and things don't look so bad. Continue to pray for me because your prayers are really working. Thank you all so much

    [Marian] Awad, suprise: i'm a girl! lol
  • hahahaha, you are girl maryan, hahaha, its just a bit funny that you put your name as awad, lol God be with you alllll the time, don't fear anything at all as long as you have God wit you, rabena ma3aki and don't worry at alllllllllllllllllll.

    yalla take care and plz post back to tell us how you went okkkk


  • im soo sry
    god be with u
  • [move]giv and you will get[/move]
  • may god send his anels to guard u and ur family
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