HELP need making forum for church website

Hey everyone,

long time no post,

recently i had an idea to make a website for our church/community (we don't have a church yet, but we have a small congregation) i asked them what they thought and they said that it was a good idea. as i was thinking about it, i began to think it would be really cool if i could do a forum type section for the website, for the congregation to discuss certain topics. i ran into a problem however, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE FORUMS, this is where i need help. if any of the admins could help it would be greatly appreciated.


ps: i would also appreciate some help making a user login and database


  • You might want to consider getting some freeware or shareware forum software from the internet. Wikipedia has a pretty comprehensive list of a lot of different types of forum software
  • yabbse is pretty nice. That's the one I use and also the one uses. Whichever one you decide to use; just download the file, extact it, upload it to a foler on your server though the ftp, and then try to visit the setup page. It should be somthing like :

    Just follow the directions and provide the info you are asked for.

    Also, you'll need to setup a database, so your host will need to support SQL. If you're using a free host like geocities, etc. then this won't be possible.

    After that you can customize the page to make it look the way you want, pictures, colors, etc.

    Goodluck, let us know if you run into any problems.

  • hey everyone,

    thanx for all the help. i'll get on it asap

    Pray for me
  • consider using ezboard maybe

    Maybe you will find it easy and clear..
  • if you are looking for something simple to just ask a question and get a reply back, check out my church's website:, we have a section where you can send a question directly to abouna and he will answer it back, then the question and the answer will be displayed on the site... this is not a forum as you requested, but I can share my code with you and show you how its setup... and then you can tweak it very easily to become a forum....

    Right now, I'm focused on getting other things done on this site since i'm the only one coding it at the moment, but I'm planning on adding a forum down the road which I'll code. I can send you my code once I have it in place if you like.

    Pray for me, and ALL, please visit our new website ( it has a lot of great things on it, and more to come...
  • the recent one uses now is
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