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  • For those of you who want to have a 2 minutes taste of the excellent BBC2 documentary on St Anthony's monastry and the monk Fr Lazarus, here is a trailer. I agree with Joe about the copyright thing, so I will not give you the link to the full Video of 1 hour length. The producer is a vicar at the church of englnad and has already done some great religious documentaries. As the documentary was broadcasted sometime in Jan/Feb of this year,it may yet have not made it to the libraries but you can always check.

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    I know this comes a bit late...but fortunatus here... Abouna Lazarus had a lot of comments about the documentary. Among others, he made mention of the fact that the person in the documentary was quite affected by his experience in the cave alone. Abouna regretted that they left out a lot about the discipline and goal of the monk, and the importance of monasticism.

    PM or e-mail me if you have any questions...sorry it took me two years to see the post. :)

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  • i saw the documentary, this anglican priest was going through a time of doubt, he even went to other religions to see if they had the answer (those episodes were aired separately, i didn't see them) but then he saved the best for last (!) and went to the coptic monastery. i didn't know the story about Fr lazarus before.
    anyway, this vicar had a hard time to start with and even got a bad tummy from the water or something, and he didn't think anything would come out of it, but by the end his faith had been restored and he was singing the kirie elaison and saying that the time had affected him profoundly.
    i was really impressed that this was shown on the BBC in the Uk coz usually the main tv channels are very secular and not at all sympathetic to Christians.
    the documentary, although it obviously missed out a lot of important stuff showed that we all need God in our lives and we don't find this by searching randomly through all the religions.
    May God bless all those who were in the program and lead them all to his truth in Jesus our Lord and Saviour.
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