Read it in coptic!!!!!

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Ok people first lesson :)

first letter of the alphabet: the alfa


pronounced as an "a"


[coptic]abba[/coptic] avva, father

[coptic]Adam[/coptic] Adam, adam


  • ow bout Aaron
    wat i love about that word in coptic is that u pronounce the a twice wen ur singin it

  • It's funny yeah, just like in Abra-am and Isa-ac :)
  • wat i dont get in coptic, or wat really annoys me, is how the same letter in different words, can be pronounced differently, like wen u have gg together u pronouce it ng
    and this leter looks like an o wiv sorta like antlers have 3 diff pronouciations...
  • It's annoying i know, but there's rulez to it we'll get to that later, first the normal alphabet ;)
  • hi
    i'm Sorry for interruption,
    But i don't want you to make an effort i've already made so that you can have time for something else.
    I've ALREADY posted the COPTIC ALPHABET till the letter [coptic]X[/coptic]
    in the tread
    " How to learn Coptic ....."
    Pray 4 me.
  • ok, thnx for telling me, perhaps we could work something out to continue together, every one can do a part :)
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