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just u on ur own: has many advantages, more personal

empty: more reflection, no distractions, u can really feel it

full: although u may concentrate on ur voice more and less on the meanings, it feels good to be surrounded by christians late saturday night, gives ya faith...

Overflowing: really touchs my heart to see a church overflowing with ppl that they have to stand outside

wat do u guys think is betta empty or full, over flowing, just u?


  • As much as I like an empty church, I have to say that it is better for the church to be full because it gives you the confidence that each and one of these people attending whatever is going on in the church is benefitting in their own way. An empty church is really nice, because it gives you a feeling that you don't get when praying just anywhere, but sadly, it shows that the service that you are attending is lacking an attending congregation, and going to church is a very important part of salvation.
  • i would say Abouna and i because you can just concentrate more on the prayer and on the words that is going on and on the mass
    at least that is my opinion

  • The church is the heaven on the earth. Once we know that
    you will never see a person leaves the church to any
    other place. But first of all he feels that he is in great
    need and support from the church. So he feels himself a
    part of the Body of Ghrist. In this case we see the church
    is super crouded.
  • thnx guys
    come on let make this a hot topic, tell me ur views, cause the may not mean much in the real world but her they make a world of differance..
  • Well St. Paul refers to the church as the body of Christ....a body can't function without all its members, if you dont have a brain u cant fully function, without ur ears also u cant fully function, the church is the same way, all believers come together under Christ to pray and lift up our spirits to God
    "As each one has recieved a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold Grace of God"
    So we all need each other to make up the Body of Christ and be complete and be in loving union with one another
    nothing is better than going to church on a sunday where the church is full and hearing all 400 some people saying Amen Amen Amen Your Death O Lord WE proclaim!!!!
    If your on a basketball team and u only have 4 players u cant play in a 5 on 5 tournament
  • hey thnx for ur views
    really awsome, but i still cant make up my mind
  • thanx marmar
  • After 2day's mass it's defenitely empty, especially no little kids. I had to ran after this little girl 2day 3 times, caus he was running towards the heikal, omg, it was so embarassing, all those people watching a guy in a tonya running after a little kid ::) :-[
  • Hahahaha, I so know what you're going through. I live with two brothers, and then in church there are a million little kids, and you will always find me running around after someone, whether it be my bro or another little kid.

  • it depends, yes its annoying sometimes with a lot of people but "i will be in the midst of you when 2 or 3 are gathered in my name" or something like that. more is better.

    however, i like it to be empty during tasbeha so u could actually feel the songs and everything.

    hope that made sense
  • Yea, it made perfect sense, and I agree with you. There's no point to the place being full and everything if you're not concentrating on the hymns and prayers, but I guess if you look at it that way, it could go both ways.


  • Im love the church in every case, emty or over crowded, for
    I feel im present in HIS Holy space. Also I like others to join
    and share me to praise our Kinde Lord.
  • very good point mark botros
  • Yes, Mark, that is a good point as long as no one tells you to lower your voice.

  • wat do u mean sleepy
  • I should have based that solely to the gurls. I don't know if you've ever been in this situation before where you're saying the alhan in a really loud voice, and it sounds nice, and it's correct, and you either get dirty looks for shamamsa or a whispered word saying don't go louder than the shamamsa when in reality, they might not even know what they're doing.

  • ummm look who ur talkin to. ;) ;)

    we go to the same church
  • I didn't mean you or myself, i'm talking about a specific person, and you know who I

  • that is just plain wrong to be said that to
  • actually i dont, text me who it is please, i could only think of oh only like half the church!
  • What do you mean? We're not saying anything wrong..
    It's true, and it happens...

  • sleepy i was on your side this time
    i was saying it is wrong from the people to tell you guys to lower your voice the people should participate as much and more the deacons are just there to lead because if you look at the deacon responses it say the congregation should say it not only the deacons
  • Sry Wasim, I thought you were criticizing us. Woohoo, we actually found another open-minded male...awesome

  • haha i guess you can say that
  • Sure, why

  • Hey,

    I'd be over the moon to see more of you ladies sining in the church its a great departure from the coptic radio that people have turned some of the services into... ::)

    God bless,

  • i sure u meant singing rite???

    oi but in corinthians it says that a womens voice should not be heard in the church......

    i disagggreee totally thou, it lifts my spirit to c gals participatin in praiseing :D
  • I believethat saint paul was talking teaching in church when he said women should be heard( like being an "abouna") but aint no body saying nothing about singing. I personally like it better when the women sing, they sound more peaceful ;D. no offense guys
  • first Corinthians 14

    34Let your[4] women keep silent in the churches, for they are not permitted to speak; but they are to be submissive, as the law also says. 35And if they want to learn something, let them ask their own husbands at home; for it is shameful for women to speak in church.

    I have to say very interesting verses here with respect to singing and talking and all that
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