Homecoming or no Homecoming?

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hey everyone...well i have this hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee problem!!!!!i have a friend and we used to be close and everything but she went to homecoming and i told her its not right and all the dancing and boys and everything.....she then yelled at me and got in a fight with me saying that i was just jueluos of her and right now we are not talking....anyways i kept telling her that it is not our faith and we dont do dancing and boys and all the earthly things....and then things got worse when i told our pre-servants teacher about her and i she is allowed to go!!!!when i know some of my other friends want to go to there homecoming and they cant but my teacher is letting her go!!!!she is soooo far away from god!!!

so here are my questions:

how can i exlpain that homecoming is not in our faith church?

what exactly is homecoming?

how can i save her from this sin?

and how can i try to learn at the same time on all of this homecoming things?



  • Basketball, I just recently read the book by Anba Moussa Youth Concerns Questions & Answers, and it says something about our faith. I wanted to tell you that it says in the book,

    Question 69: "I've tried to talk to my non-christian friends about God, but they never seem interested what can I do?"

    Answer: It is better to talk to them through your example and not through words. If you are holy, and your pray for them, and you genuinely like them and care for them, a time will come for talking to them. But first you must start by being a good example , and than the Lord will open the door for them, on a certain day and in a certain way.

    I hope it helped you, and even if your friend is a christian, you should also start by praying and being an example for them, like Anba Moussa said!

    Coptic Servent
  • the thing is....she goes to our church and she is christian...and she used to lvoe to go to church but not anymore....the homecoming thing got into her head...
  • what is homecoming..is that like a skool dance or somthing
  • Oh really, Basketball, well just be an example to her, ask your FOC about it, ask for advice, but just be an example to her, if you tell her, it just seems that she'll ignore you i f you talk to her. To answer your question basketball, homecoming is when a football team that's at your school go against another team, but the other team it's not their homecoming since the keyword is HOME like a home game which is at your school, we have our homecoming dances early before the homecoming game, well, ask God for help!

    Coptic Servert
  • the thing is i dont want to see her go into this sin and get used to go dancing with boys.....i tried to explain....but she yelled and told on me!!! :'(

  • hey is it like a disco? or is it just dance in the morning, i neva heard of it and it might be that bad then dunno

    pray, praying is amazing! with faith
  • its a dance u go to at night with all the kids at school....and i just dont like the idea of it....so i wanted anyone to help me with the questions i had....i want to save my friend....before its to late!
  • darlz u cant change her only God can, so keeep her in ur prayers, no matter how many times u tell her going to the homecumin thing is wrong she wont listen. jus be der for her as a friend n offer ur support.
  • i have a few friends like that, they go to church but they dont at all behave in a christian manner. hey i used to be one of them ! this morning God opened my eyes to something, although i keep my friends in my prayers, i didnt actually expect anything to happpen. maybe that whats hapening with you. maybe you dont expect anything to change but your praying for it anyway. think about it nice & deep.

    I know that you really dont want your friend falling into this sin, but sometimes you've gottah let the ones you love make mistakes so they can learn from them. Maybe this is God sending her a sign that somethings wrong. You did whats required of you, you spoke to her & yu should be praying for her.. [if yur not then do so !]. now all thats left to do is concentrate on your own spiritual life and make sure she doesnt drag you down into the whole shez dug out, but help her out of it. dont try force it on her too much or yul lose her !

    also make sure that you do nottt judge her but only judge her wrong-doing. make sure you dont speak to her in a way that may seem like your judging her cause if she misinterprets what your saying then you're in BIG trouble. & besides, just because this homecomming thing is bad doesnt always mean that she'll do bad things there..

    PRAY PRAY PRAY !! also pray for my friends because i reallly do love them & only want the best for them. && PRAY FOR MEE !!! i need it the most ! prayer is more important than anything else.. & only prayer with faith works. so faith faith faith pray pray pray !! lol good luck !! bye !
  • i'm happy to see you doing what's best for your friend and trying to help her. like hizz child and kerestina said u need to keep her in your prayers. i'm sure she knows it's wrong nd feels guilty , if she refuses, there's nothing u can do, only He can change her. when i went to prom last year in my senior year (which i didn't want but my family made me), ppl were encouraging me to dance , this grl was actually begging me, but for some reason (including for the fact i heard somewhere it's a sin to dance) i said no. the devil has lots of ways of trying to make us sin. we can only save ourselves...(soul)..., even though we would want our friends to stop their bad behavior, there is nothing we can do except pray and advise them. but at the same time we must overcome our weaknesses..and bad habits that lead us to sin. ...God bless.....
  • umm dancing is not a sin unless it is intended for a bad nature or there are people around that have potential to fall into lust. and the wrong kind of music.. but that sin has more to do with the music than the dancing itself.
  • what kind of music u think is there going to be at prom? in my school it was music what one might consider bad or wrong kind of music.

    i think i read somewhere in the bible that says dancing is a sin. i'll try to look for it and tell u.
  • thanks monika .. i glimpsed through that discussion, ... it's ok to dance for God,... someone actually mentioned about how Ethiopian Orthodox christians danced during our praise,... yea..i never considered it as dancing when i did it...but i guess it's technically dancing. :D ... but we don't be dancing like crazy and that sort of stuff... we do it in an orderly manner together...and there are stages when we sing slow, dance slow, and the song gets faster, and so does the moving, and some ppl get carried away at this stage ;D through their happiness for God !

    i'll try lookin' for the verse i once read... i can't find it right now.
  • mary..you're making a big deal out of it..he let her go cuz she was already selected as homecoming princess, she couldn't just not show up.
    then am sure mark won't do anything from his head like this, he talked to abouna and he told everyone to talk to abouna..and wait our cousin went to homecoming..why didn't both of you guyz get mad at each other..plzzzzz plzzzzz if you love me don't blame her for anything cuz she just had to go..i promise she was about to change her mind at the last min. but she couldn't. and if you don't like what i just said..then am sorry but it wasnt her choice and she's not going far away from church..and also u should forgive her if she said anything that made you mad, cuz am sure she didn't mean it..she was under alot of stress that week, everyone is telling her not to go but she had to..talk to her plzz.

  • sounds like we were only hearing one side of the story...
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