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I would like to know what is a sufficient time period to know a person before you marry them? Because some people don't believe in short engagements and other people believe you should really get to know a person but what is a good amount of time to know a person before you marry them?


  • Well, shoofy ya eva, my own opinion is that it depends on the person that you are getting engaged to, sometimes masalan a girl gets engaged to a friend of hers and she knows him quite well, I mean she knows him as a friend, in that case the engagement period doesn't have to be very long, on other cases it would be good to know the person really well before any commitment. I think generally speaking a period of 1 year of engagement should be alright, some people extend it a lil bit, but I do see that if the engagement period was too long then sometimes it causes problems, but again that depends on the situation and the 2 families. Every engagement has different issues associated with it, but my own advice is: IF YOU ARE GETTING ENGAGED TO A PERSON THAT YOU DON'T KNOW WELL, THEN TAKE YOURRRR TIMMEEEEEE IN KNOWING HIM REALY REALLY REALLY REALLY WELL BEFORE MARRIAGE,

    Yalla take care and God bless you

  • you can never ever put a time frame on these things. Even if you were friends your relationship was different and you prob have very diff insights so really you need to start from square one again again. Take your time because you are stuck with that person for life.
  • I recommend this site.. Can I Chose My Life Partner.htm

    might be unrelated a bit or alot.. but its related to relationships...
  • i agree with baladoos and maryfarag!
    friends change when the friendship becomes closer than just friends!!
    and i agree with baladoos cuz it depends on the family and his/her family and what is going on!!
    in my life............ i am engaged to a wonderfull guy that i am completly in love with! and we only knew each other for 15 months now! but i feel like i knew him for soo long cuz his personality is close to mine and we communicate extremly well.... even though we have arguments sometimes but that only gets us closer!
    however.............. i don't wanna get married anytime soon cuz my career means alot to me!
    Generally speaking..............
    it depends on how u feel towards that guy, if u feel like he is hiding somen from u then wait alittle bit longer, and u pick ur dream man NOT ur parents!!!
    best of luck
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