Children's English songs

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Hey guys... I need your help with something... Any children's songs at all that you can provide me with I would really appreciate (audio or lyrics, preferrably both). There certain ones I am requesting the audio for (I have the lyrics).

I can hear my Savior calling
Jesus Christ our Lord
Fishers of men
Praise him....



  • Come on you guys what happened??

    Please, this is something for my church....

    I would really appreciate anything...
  • praise him, i'm sure it's on it's for steaming only though i'm sorry i cant get the link i ALWAYS get lost on that website

    but look in english songs n you'll find it
  • Thanks, but I need more.... :-\
  • Sorry i'll post on 2 posts cause its too long and hard to read all in one

    God is dwelling in my heart

    R- God is dwelling in my heart (2)

    He and I are one (2)

    All the joy he gives to me (2)

    Through Christ his son (2)

    And with Jesus in my heart (2)

    What have I to fear (2)

    For he is the son of God (2)

    In my heart he is near

    1- Christians who are baptized

    Have you ever realized

    The great mystery

    God dwells in you and me

    2- This joy God gave to you

    Share it then with others too

    Show them that God is Love

    Lift their hearts above

    sorry i dont have a professional recording of this song its just some people from my church
    click where it says DOWNLOAD FILE

    Hail to Mary

    Hail to Mary mother of God …from sunrise to sunset
    Magnify her glorify her…Put her always in your heart

    2. She has born unto us,
    The Saviour of the World,
    He came and saved our souls
    and forgave us our sins.

    3. She is the Lady and the Virgin,
    Our Queen in heaven
    she is above the Cherubim,
    And praised by the Seraphim

    4. She is famous and well known
    As the best shelter to rest,
    Try her and you will find that,
    for your help she's always there

    5. Please O Mary, Pray for us,
    And the sinners to return
    Teach us and guide all of us,
    For you are the faithful saint


    Jesus loves the little children

    Refrain: Jesus loves the little children
    All the children of the world
    Red and Yellow, Black and White
    They're all precious in His sight
    Jesus loves the little children of the world.

    Whether you're rich or whether you're poor
    It matters not to Him
    He remembers where you're going
    Not where you've been.

    If your heart is troubled
    Don't worry, don't you fret
    He knows that you have heard His call
    And he won't forget.

    All around the world tonight
    His children rest assured
    That He will watch and He will keep us
    Safe and secure.

    the arabic version is attached at the bottom of the page

    - Lord I lift your name on high

    And I live to sing your praises

    I'm so glad you are in my life

    I'm so glad you came to save us

    1- You came from heaven to earth

    To show the way

    From the Earth to the Cross

    My debts to pay

    From the Cross to the Grave

    From the Grave to the Sky

    Lord I lift your name on high

    I wanna shine

    I wanna shine for Jesus (3)
    (I wanna praise, I wanna serve, I wanna shine)
    I wanna praise my Jesus(3)
    I wanna serve my Jesus (3) song down
  • i know you didnt ask for arabic, but here are some cool arabic kids songs just in case u change ur mind

    Kan fee 3an2ood 3eneb

    Fee yom min el ayam
    (this song is nice if you are doing anything for the nayrouz feast, u can have some kids act the saints out while some sing the song)

    attached is the text for it
    here is the audio
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