The Eucharist and Menstruation



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    i don't know how else to explain it..
    the blood is eventually going to leave ..right??
    so why can't someone take communion when it's that time??
    i mean, say they take communion a week before, its going to end up leavingthe body. idk, that's the best i can explain what i'm thinking.

    if am not mistaken, the period takes about 3-5 days....maybe sorry am not an expert. but it's better to be carful ya3ny.

    Every woman is different. Some women only bleed for 1 maybe 2 days while others could bleed at least 7 days or more.  I normally bleed 7 to 8 days.  One time I bleed for 16 days. Sometime the same woman could bleed different amounts of days from month to month.

    Well then it’s her responsibility to know when she’ll be ready to take communion.
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