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I would just like to thank The Lord for making my prayers come true after many years and i would like to give a special mention to St. Mary and Pope Kyrillos for passing on my prayers to the Lord.

So once again Thank you very much!!! ;D


  • hmm nice post..

    i usually thank giving a large donation ;) try that out..ull feel good!
  • lol it is a bit trivial what we can 'give' God. there isnt really anything that we can give Him that he can't have. i think the best thing to give in return is love.
  • =) umm umm idk what i was gonna say i think i was gonna say...something around the lines of "YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!! =) MAy God grant you all your prayeres" WOOT WOOT!!
  • hahaha DrUmabOy....!!! das is a real cute msg!!! Good For You!!!

    can you do me a favour and pray for my friend... she's going through a really hard time atm with her spiritual life and maybe if u pray for her St Mary will come to her rescue also.

    Cheers Big Ears ;)
  • it matters not how much u give but that ur donation comes from the heart plus one must not disclose to the public their donations as the widow in the bible who gave her two mites and God blessed her
  • but that doesnt mean giving donation is wrong or anything

    try giving to poor churches in egypt or wherever u live
  • no theres nothing wrong with giving donations, but u need to give from the heart
  • can i just ask how donation got onto the topic?? drumaboy was just saying thank you not asking if he should donate???
  • if u read the previous posts u will see that donation was a suggestion made for thanking God
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