Katameros Books

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These are the 4 Katameros that the church was published from long time ago, are now on the website of the church for downloading and printing. (only in English language)
Katameros of Sundays:
Include all Sundays of the Coptic Year, Sundays of the Holy Lent and Pentecost, in addition, the Feasts of our LORD

Katameros of the Days throughout the Coptic Year

Katameros of Holy Lent

Katameros of Holy Pentecost
All include the cover page, and the paper size: letter (8.5" x 11")
All the readings from the New King James Bible

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  • eh el katameros dah belzabt? ??? what does katameros mean? if it's a book, what does it contain? what's the origin of the word?

  • never mind khalas ya gama3a. i found the answer 2 my ? when i visited 1 of abrami's links. shokran ya abrami.

  • Here is the link for the E-Katamarous software. It is a compressed file.


    After you uncompress it, click setup (not the setup with the internet icon).

    I hope I helped.

    Please forgive me and pray for me,

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