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If u havnt noticed by the name i play the drums so i listen to lots of rock music especially heavy metal. and yes i know its unusal for a gypo.

i wanted to see everyones opinion on music. Is it a sin to listen to rock, and therefore is a sin to play the drums????

Ive always been told that rock is the devils music so i wanted to find out everyones opinion!


  • some rock music is bad like the killers etc one of my friends mother told her that one band {forgot which one} is singing our father who are in heven backwards

    some are not bad
    matters which one that u listen 2

  • [quote author=drumaboy link=board=11;threadid=4339;start=0#msg59618 date=1156604524]
    i wanted to see everyones opinion on music.

    There is one particular thead that answers most of the questions about this subject. Please take a look at this link:;action=display;threadid=3150;start=msg47331#msg47331

    Please forgive me and pray for me,

  • i like rock music too but i think it really depends what level of spirituallity ur up to... you'll just get to a stage where ur statisfied with God that u will just loose interest in worldly music... im sure ur wise enough to make a choice on what type of rock music to listen to and im sure u can figure out whats appropriate and what isnt' i mean say going to concerts is probs taking it too far!

    occasionally listening to it yea kool as long as its not mocking our Lord... (which isnt in just rock music)

    but once again it depends what you want to do... if ur attached to music then give it up for God and accept a reward in heaven :)
  • yes on the dot D33 also ..rock music and rap..they happeen to contain alot of swearing..

    u can easily pick up on that!! but trust me i kno hard hard it is to stop listening to music...
  • By the response im getting it sounds like ive got a bit of a problem.

    Ive been to a few concerts and i listen to stuff thats heavier then metallica and chilli peppers.

    but seriously theres alot of worse stuff i could be doin then playing the drums, when i play i waste about an hour or two of the day when im not busy i guess its unfortunite that rock and drums go hand in hand

    Actually u know wat will be awsome playing for church or over church songs. To bad theres no beats to church music.
  • what happened to the basic egyptian songs???
    drums are ok in my opinion, and yes depends on what kind of music you are listening to... there are ones that is nothing but "beeb....beeb..... you have beeb............beeeeeeeeeb....and &^%$#* so you are &%$#@!* and beeeeeeeeeb"
    that is soooo bad!
  • [quote author=bentBABAyasooa` link=board=11;threadid=4339;start=0#msg59993 date=1156990104]
    what happened to the basic egyptian songs???
    drums are ok in my opinion, and yes depends on what kind of music you are listening to... there are ones that is nothing but "beeb....beeb..... you have beeb............beeeeeeeeeb....and &^%$#* so you are &%$#@!* and beeeeeeeeeb"
    that is soooo bad!

    lol mira u r funny
  • not only is rock bad but all other music is bad....only music for the glorification to the Lord is good, and i dont mean rap stars who sing about God, i mean Coptic Music.

    Those songs are so blasphemist, the ones about Jesus when the rappers sing about Him
  • as every1 gav their opinions.. id lyk u to take in my opinion which is readin this site.. in America/Rock-n-Roll/hells_bells1.htm
    after all that judge on whether u want to listen to it again.. bcoz i no wen i read that i left it all and followed God gluk

  • Oh, I saw that movie entitled "Hells Bells". Let me just say that it is fully of inaccuracies, exaggeration, it takes many things out of context, and it is very one-sided. It doesn't once mention the good in music. It doesn't discuss any bands that are Christian, that do have clean songs, or that have helped bring positive change.

    It's a very good video in terms of it does show a lot of the bad in music, but it's also a little extreme. At one point, it even said the songs from the Disney film Tarzan were bad because one of the lines in the song was "trust your heart", which apparently means I should trust my instincts instead of God ::). I pointed out that the next verse in the song was "let faith decide" but nobody wanted to listen to me. So I don't recommend watching that film if you want to learn about secular music.

    Anyways, I should get to a point. No, I don't personally think that music is satanic. I used to love rock music, and I still do enjoy listening to it. It's just, as D33 says, you get to a point where you don't care about music anymore. When I went on a trip to St. Anthony's monastery in California, I came back and didn't touch the radio or any of my CDs. It's not that I felt the music was Satanic, I just lost interest in them. I still listen to music occasionally (exp: in the background when I clean my room, sometimes in the car), but it's not that important in my life.

    Oh, and there's nothing wrong with playing the drums. Musical instruments are perfectly fine to play. After all, what adds beauty to hymns and tasbeha like the cymbals or triangles in the background?
  • go Katherine!

    you nailed it girlfiriend!!

    but again some rock music we shouldn't listen too!!!

    and marmara327! lama ashofeak!

    pray for me
  • lol mira come get me lol just playin <333 lol kk i will talk to u l8terr :D
  • ooo..........shshsh......! be quite you!!!
    and i will get u! when i see u! which is NOW!! ahahahaha... ;D
  • People make a big deal out of nothing. Music is just music. Yes, some is not as good as others but if music can easily infulence you in your daily life with GOD then you must not have had a strong relationship with him to begin with. Keep the Faith !
  • i havent read all the sorry...but my opinion is heavy metal and rock is awesome!!!!!!!!! i listen to it A LOT!! and its like my favorite music!! Since when did they label rock music as the devils music? i dont see his name anywhere on you? THIS, PEOPLE, is why i say egyptians ( ahem family at least) are soooo open minded!! music is ling as your not listening to something like "heaven shall burn" or any ani-religous death metal...then all is well and dandy!! Also....if they have cussing in them...or promotion of any bad things then ummm ummm yea...well use your good judgement !! lol...(wait...are you talking bout juss musac...or music and words?)....playing it is even better cuz u can control what you do/say! well thats my opinion...if anyone sees i wrote something wrong to our religous...plzz lemme know!!
  • i meant why Egyptians are so closed minded...NOT OPEN MINDED!! lol...ok
  • umm i didnt go through all the other posts in detail so sorry if this has been said before..

    statistics were studied for a while in America and they found that the majority of teenagers that commited suicide listened to the same type of music.. ROCK AND HEAVY METAL ! even if you dont know it [which you probably dont] the music you listen to has a great influence on the way you act and live your every day life.. dont tell me you never felt upset after lissening to a sad song...

    MUSIC IS THE LANGUAGE OF THE SOUL. it doesnt speak to your ears.. its deeper than that.

    well thats all im gonna say. choose carefully what you feed your subconscious mind bye :)
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