St. Mary and the Three Angels

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Ok so for those of us who live in the Jersey City - Bayonne area in NJ, there's a story that's been going around. I believe that Anba Youaness was doing a Divine Liturgy at St. George's (bergen) on Monday. Now Anba Youaness likes his Liturgies early and no light - only candles, and this liturgy was being taped. So when they were overlooking the footage after the liturgy, they saw St. Mary in the altar with three angels. If anyone has any other information about this or the parts of the actual video I would really appreciate it...


  • i heard about it but am not sure. may be that's 1 reason he didn't let us record video today in St.Mark's at liturgy during communion
  • wow.....
    may her blessings be with us all amen!
  • Does anyone else know anything at all??
  • I would LOVE to see that video
  • me to

    who has a copy of the video
  • Ok you guys I'm sorry for the mistake I made... Fr. Dawood, one of the priests of the church, has checked all the security cameras and confirmed that nothing happened... I am very sorry for the ignorant mistake I made...
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