hi everyone

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this site i accidently found it and thought it was great.

Im 23 from Sydney Australia im not sure how many people here are from outside the states so if ur from australia g'day. hahaha i couldnt help myself.

anyways looking forward to talk to u guyz and girlz. ciao


  • Gday mate

    welcome to tasbeha

    there are many ppl here from sydney

  • so which church in sydney?
  • Im from St abanoub, where are u from
  • guess!

    clue: see my display pic
  • Anba Abraam, thats the church at maquarie fields, is that rite
  • correct!


    ur a star!

    been there?

  • hey no need for the sacasm, im not to good with churches and where they are.

    and yes ive been there once for a camp about 8 yrs ago

    have u eva been to st abanoub?
  • heyyyy there was no "sarcasm" (note the spelling)

    and yes i have been to St Abanoub

  • welcome drumboy and i hope you enjoy this site and benifit alot from it and please pray for me! :)

  • hey drumboy
    enfaa u.s.a???
    hahahhaa.......... kidding!
    pray for me
    you are gonna like it here TRUST ME!!
  • hello BABA and sandra, where are u guys from?

    and katrina neva mind how sacasm is spelled as long as you know wat im talking about.

    by the way is there anymore aussies in here
  • hey mate its kristina i hate ppl spelling my name wrong >:(

    and if u got offended well i didnt mean it and sorry

    and there are plenty more aussies here mayb they too shy or dont wanna say hello

    KRISTINA 123
  • oops sorry, if u havnt noticed im a pretty bad speller.
  • thats ok

    and i have noticed

    i hate bad spelling :P

  • maybe bad spelling hates u 2
  • hey thats nasty

    no one hates me!!!! :P :P :P :P

    anyway ur comment didnt make the front page so i guess it doesnt matter it looks like i had the last word!!! :P :P :P

  • hey i am from u.s.!
    i already welcomed you, but alashan matooleshalayea bakhelaa

    [move] WELCOME YA SEDI [/move]

  • hmm well it didnt make the front page but it HEADLINED the second page. thats more important. ;D

    BentBABA i couldnt figure out wat u said in arabic can u translate it for me.
  • Hi Drumaboy and welcome to Tasbeha!

    Im also from Oz and come from Archangel Michael and Saint Bishoy Church!

    Hope you enjoy the site!

  • hey drumboy
    sorry i took so long, cuz my uncle just passed away
    don't u speak arabic???
    well.... i said.
    i already welcomed you, but i am gonna welcome you again so you won't say i am not friendly ;)

    [move][shadow=red,left][glow=red,2,300]so welcome mr. drumboy austrlia[/glow][/shadow][/move]
  • hello coptic dragon u wouldnt live to far from me being in the western suburbs and bentBABA i feel so bad 4 u, must be really hard. I'll hate to be in ur position.
  • hey,
    it is alright
    i really am trying to recover!
    it hurts soo bad knowing that i am in u.s. and he died in egypt! :'(

    i really hope u like it here, u will!
  • Hi,
    I'm from Sydney also and i accidentally got into this site even though i've been a member for a year....I didn't realise it had this I was just downloading tarateel. I used to live in Brooklyn but I have to say i love Sydney!!!!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D
  • gouga , you are a traitor!!! betrayed U.S. for AUSTRALIA!!

  • hey drumboy..am from clearwater florida!

  • [quote author=drumaboy link=board=6;threadid=4309;start=15#msg59717 date=1156681060]
    hmm well it didnt make the front page but it HEADLINED the second page. thats more important. ;D

    BentBABA i couldnt figure out wat u said in arabic can u translate it for me.

    wow im like half ur age and i figured out what she said hahaha im jp with u lol
  • hahahahha......... good for you maramar327!! :D
  • hi drumaboy,
    Welcome to Tasbeha. It is a good site, it contains alot of good info about our orthodox church. sorry forgot to introduce myself: I am Eriny, I live in the US, I have friends and family who live in Australia and they say it is great out there I wish I could visit it sometime. On this site we discuss good topics but we argue alot though! so have fun arguing!
    :) In Christ
  • theres actually several ppl here from aus. I thought i was gonn abe the only one.

    gouga i dont know why u like sydney, maybe ur just new and havnt got bored of it yet. I wanna go to the sates and check it out its goto be beta then syd.

    marmara it doesnt matter if ur 1/2 my age i cant read arabic/english, who even invented that language!!!!!

    Oh and a quick hello to sandra and eriny
  • im from sydney too.. is it too l8 to welcome? talk bout gypo timing..
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