Protests in Alexandria Videos?

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A while back, someone posted a website showing video footage of the Protests in Alexandria that happened earlier this year. If someone could please locate the thread, or the link, it would be greatly appreciated.

Please forgive me and pray for me,



  • hey
    if you are talking about the alexanderia incident you-know the one that had happend in keneast el kedesean sedi beshir, they actually have a website and you can find it in any search ingine maybe and they have pics and the might still have video!
    if not then type in what you want at and at the top there is a new tab called "video" click on it and you might get lucky!
    pray for me
  • omg mira u kno in that church my cousin was there with her baby and my aunt and my aunt saw the ppl getting killed and everything
  • my cousines were there too!!
  • i feel so bad for ALL the ppl that were there i mean it can cause halah nafsayan seriously who wants to see someone get killed?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??! :o
  • marmara327

    i know can say YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!!

  • mira wait till i talk to U online lollll ;D :P jp jp
  • hey? i hope the kenesat el kedesean's website helped! ;D

    last time i checked they have pics and video
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