Hail to mary

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can someone send me the song "Hail to Mary Mother of God" lyrics and audio plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ???
thank you,


  • here are the lyrics

    Hail to Mary, Mother of God
    From sunrise to sunset.
    Magnify her, glorify her,
    Put her always in your heart.

    She has born unto us
    The savior of the world.
    He came and saved our souls,
    And forgave our sins.

    She’s the lady and the virgin,
    Our queen in heaven.
    She’s above the cherubim
    And praised by the Seraphim.

    She’s famous and well known,
    As the best shelter to rest
    Try her and you will find that
    For your help, she’s always there.

    Please O Mary, pray for us
    And the sinners to return
    Teach us and guide all of us
    For you are the faithful saint.
  • thank you sooooooooooooo much PrincessMary and shnoda ;D
    God bless you,
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