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I am already have realone player but it is not present on the copticpope site itself to enable me to see or listin the live licture I need to know what the problem, I can always see or listin the live licture on the net but these last 3 weeks I cannot? ???theomarim


  • I don’t exactly understand your question.

    Is the problem that the real player hasn’t been functioning with the copticpope website for the past 3 weeks or that it hasn’t been functioning with any website for the past 3 weeks?

    If you are asking the first question then I want to ask you, was the real player functioning properly with the Copticpope website at one point in time?
  • the real one player on my computer work good I can see and listin every thing through it on the net directly or the dowenloaded but for only 3weeks now when I try to see/listin to the live lecture of our pope no connection you can try by yourself at the time of the lecture or at any time open the copticpope site and click on the icon of the live lecture try to open or play you will not find play switch I need to understand what the poblem on mine or its a general in the site ???
  • i can dowenload any lecture from the copticpope at any time and it work normaly on real player
  • It doesn’t seem that your real player is dysfunctional.

    You mentioned that you are trying to watch a live lecture. The reason it isn’t working is because they were not broadcasting. There is probably a schedule as to what times they will be broadcasting. The live lecture will only work at certain times.
  • yes I know but at the exact time not work youcan open the site at the exact time with your self and see
  • Since the player works on other sites but doesn’t work on Copticpope then I would conclude something is wrong with the website. Perhaps bring this problem to the attention of those managing the copticpope site.

    I’d try to help you more, bes il 3arby bita3y ta3ban gidannnnnnn. It takes me forever to read the things on that site. Sorry. :-[
  • you can open the site
    the lecture will begin after 25 min
    thanks for your help please if you can help me I am thankful: be honest unto death I will give you the crown of the life (rev2:10)
  • The site won't even load anymore. I am confident there is a probelm with the website.
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