Tentheeno and First hoos

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Does anyone have either of these in arabic english because i do not know how to read arabic but i want to learn it in arabic.



  • heyys!
    ok so the english for these is on this link:
    and um tenthino is arise oh children and first hoos is there as is
    but i dont kno where the arabic is but ill keep looking for you :)
  • dear shybox
    did u mean the words in english letters but arabic pronounciation?

  • Yes , thanks for correcting me MG. That is what i meant
  • dear shybox,
    good luck, would be very rare
    usually its the other way around

    why do you want to learn it in arabic anyway?

    its better in coptic
    and if you know english, learn it in english

    you understand perfectly well what you are saying and helping others to learn too

    please forgive me for my abruptness

    a personal issue with churches in Australia always doing things in arabic (lol)

  • i agreee. i personaly like english more than arabic somtimes. but any way i like coptic the best, so...... :D
  • Hi
    I know it perfectly in english and coptic but my church has a coptic side and a arabic. The arabic side is needing some help so that is why i am trying to learn it in arabic to help them.
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