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hey everyone is there a website where i can send a birthday card but it has to do with jesus or like anything coptic i remember there is one but i forgot can anyone help me out???



  • umm there was another post on this recently..chek that out!!
  • k sorry if i wasnt making sense

  • na nw..just tell me if ya cant find..and ill go on the LOOK OUT lol hehehe
  • feeh kaman eqtera7 ya basketball... enty momken teroo7y 3ala w'tedoosy 3ala religious greeting cards w'hatla2y ely enty 3awzah. garaby kidah w'shoufy...

    hey basketball! how's it goin'? u can also try this website, and choose religious greeting cards, and i'm almost sure they'll have what you want!

  • thanks!!!!
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