Character of Moses

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hay guys... before Friday so you got a couple more days if you have anything on Moses' characteristics that wood b gr8 thanks alot



  • o ye and how it relates to us in our service (sunday school teachers step in please) ;)
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    hay guys... before Friday so you got a couple more days if you have anything on Moses' characteristics that wood b gr8 thanks alot


    The Prophet or the Ethiopian?
  • I assume Moses from the OT (Exodus etc)

    well did u know moses had a stutter???

    that is why he was so reluctant to serve God he was too embarrased and thought he wasnt eloquent enough.

    But God said to him go and do it anyway and i will send Aaron to help you and I will also tell you what to say.

    therefore as servants we have disadvantages like Moses but we need to get passed them and realise that God will help us either by sending us helpers or by directing us in the right direction.

    also we need to pray as Moses prayed for his people so we need to pray for those we serve.

    if i think of anything else i will post.

    hope this helps

  • im sorry it was prophet... yep got that already... kristina 123 who do u have to do? thnks guys any more?
  • Another thing my priest always emphasizes. However this was an early characteristic of Moses: pride.

    In the beginning, coming from pharoh's palace, Moses saw himself worthy to lead God's people. This is proven when he went out to see how the Jews in Egypt were and ended up killing an Egyptian. In that stage, full of pride, Moses in no way was ready to lead God's people. And so God sent him into the wilderness for forty years to sheperd sheep and learn patience. And so when God appeared to him in the bush and sent him to pharoh, he said who am I that I should speak to pharoh? This is the same Moses, who is now seeing himself slow of speech, who forty years ago thought himself worthy enough to save God's people.

    So the overall point, when Moses saw himself worthy enough to serve God, he really wasn't. Only when he humbled himself and lost his pride was he truly able to lead God's people out of Egypt, the land of idolaters and sin. Likewise, we as servants today help lead our children away from this world and into God's ark.
  • WOW Christ4life... do you mind if i use all that in my assignment?

    thanks alot and GBU

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    kristina 123 who do u have to do?

    sorry??? i dotn understand????!?!?!?

  • this is my pre servants assignment... did u get 1? every1 got one to do n its due sat.
  • Feel free FROG, but I don't think you want to use it word for word. What you would write would probably be written in a much more sophisticated and elaborate manner, I was simply trying to get the point across.
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