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    okay :o
    well lets stop this "trend" and make conventions' purpose what theyr really for.. to edify us spiritually.. and to answer all our doubts and questions.. for ex: one thing i do is go over my Bible and see where ive had questions i marked b4.. and i ask the Bishops at the convention..

    its a good way to clear any doubts u may have had about a certain part in the Bible

    any more suggestions r welcome :)

    That's a really good idea unconditional_love, but we need to get that message across to those who do go with those intentions, it's not impossible, it will just take some effort.

  • r u ok sleepy? ur speaking in tongues lol ;D
  • Wow, sorry, I didn't know that happened, my apologies...lol although it is funny...lol

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    Hi mmatt95,
    r u going to the one in france in august?
    i know exactly wot u mean, i went to a uk conference in feb and there was lots of 'coupling' going on.
    its really annoying cos it really puts me of going.

    Hi people, i'm back from vacation, back to annoy u once more with my useless annoying posts ;D

    and YES i'm going to france next month, any other people going from the site???? we could meet up, if everybody just sticks a sticker on his jacket with tasbeha.org, we'll be able to recognize eachother :)
  • If you'll pay for the tickets, sure why not....lolol

  • same here, if u pay for a ticket n convince my parents.. i would sooo be up for it lol!
  • see, we aren't hard to convince, lol

  • ha.. yup.. "twins" remember?... we think alike .. haha
  • Twins? lol, of course i'll pay for the tickits 8)
    just everybody come, and take ur psalmodies with u ;)
  • Definetely....lol

  • But seriously, isn't here anyone from the site going??? ::)
  • Hey..sorry if ppl dont mind me askin...goin were?...France?..what 4?..ok theres certainly something im missing here..:(....is it coz im Australian! ha? ha? ha? is it? lol..jks.. ;D
    Anyone else arouns here a slow Australian like myself..Abouna calls me that all the time..Abouna Anthony from California..I talk to him on MSN..his a hectik priests...me slow abeeta from Australia ;D dats me loll..anwayz I hope to get an answer u guys! byee
    Slow Australian ;)
  • i might be going cant make my mind up yet. :-\
    i haven't been to the european ones so am scared, too many arabs scare me! wot languag is spoken at the conferences?
    last day for registering is today, if they let us go to Disney i'll go! :)
  • IT's usualy in english, well at least when Anba Angelos gives the sermon, but i'm not sure which bischops are coming this year. Anba Moussa usually talks in arabic AND english, but see if u can come, it's fun usually and there's always the city of Paris itself, loads of nice things to be seen and Disneyland of course ;D
  • hey well concernng on this issue. we do not care what others do only what we do. eventhough, i totaly agree that those kind of people should not do that at the conventions. However, it si not our business but if those people saw us acting and going into sremons, they will tun back and lsiten to you and will only come to see and go for the seromns.
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