The End of the World...Signs???

Can someone please give me a list of the events that must occur before the end of the world and the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ? Also can you please include which have already occured and which have not. All help is greatly appreciated. God bless you all.

Please forgive me and pray for me,



  • Well all the events are listed in the bible, but I'll name what's on the top of my head: Famine, pestilence, earthquakes, natural disasters, wars, nation rising against nation, Jewish homeland (I believe in Isaish it says your Messiah will come, you will spit on him, beat him, etc, kill him and he will rise in 3 days and until all this happens you will not have a homeland). The moon will be turned to blood; and i believe it has, that's why the moon is sometimes red, but correct me if I'm wrong on this one. Judiasm will be wiped off the face of the Earth by converting to Christianity. All this has occured and is still occuring. Also, other signs but have not occured yet: Ark of the Covenant must be found, the Anti-Christ will be on Earth, War of Armeggedon, and many other things listed in Revelations and prophecies. Also, I heard that the Jews are trying to knock down the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and once they do this, they are going to build a Jewish temple, and once the temple is up and built, the end is here!!

    I hope that helped, that's all I know and remember at the moment!
  • I just want to add that someone asked H.H. tha same quesion. He answered saying that it's all in the bible. also he said that we don't need to worry about it because it's still far. Saton himself is not free yet and his freedom is one of the main signs to the end of this world?
  • one of the signs is the sun will not give its light and its already starting to happen caz they already found black holes in the sun wich later make it not give light.i cant remeber any now but u dont have to worry caz our end of the world is when u die u cant change anything after u die so tecnancly after ur death or anyone thats their second comming am i wrong?? thats what my sundayschool teacher told us
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