Basketball League

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Is anyone playing in it? If so what church.


  • umm in Australia we have minor basketball competitons between the not sure if ti was really succesfull though!
  • we have the same thing; every month my church St. Mark's in Burr Ridge(Chicago, Illinois) plays St. Mary's from Paletine Illinois. It's pretty succesful and hopefully it will grow and there will be more teams.
  • yeah we have one to in clearwater we are the defending champs ;)

  • we have succesful competitions in my C.O. skool..if that counts :-\
  • yea whatsup guys. im in a basketball team in Staten Island new york but i go to Broooklyn church and we have summer bball competitions its pretty cool... :)
  • i go to brooklyn too!! im from long island church!!!
    Did we beat u?
  • I go to astoria, i heard that my church has a team, but i am not sure
  • Yea here in Ca we have a coptic league. Its a basketball league. Its pretty good. I play for st. Abraam. Its in
  • yah.. we are miami and we got 2nd place in guys hs, 2nd place in girls, and 3rd place in middle school guys... we did good!!
  • I am from Brooklyn NY and we have a league in our church
    we lose most of the time but, it is fun.

  • ya joe ur church alwaysssss loses lol it even lost to our church loll and thats preettty bad lollllllll jk jk ;D
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