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Hi to every one;

Our work needs help; in two directions:
• In typing the text in Arabic
• In translation to English

The two persons, who are working with us, cannot do this work anymore for reasons.

If anybody is willing to help us, please sends me an e-mail and I'll contact you
My e-mail: [email protected]

It is important that he or she is serious and punctual on time.

GBY all



  • dantah taba3 meen ya akh abrami? el wazefteein doul taba3 tasbeha.org wala taba3 sherkah tanyah... walah eh el mawdoo3 asasan ya3ny? ??? yareet yekoun fee ma3lomat adaq min el general description that you've provided in the thread. w'hanshouf 7ekayet el targamah bel 3araby deh.

  • oh yea, is it something to do with tasbeha.org or church???
  • The work will be published in the Tasbeh web site.
    We already add many hymns in this site, e.g. Psalis for St. Mary was added, if you look under abrami you found more.
    Every thing was published I added to the web site of the church due to the size of the file. When the file size is small (less than I M) we put it on Tasbeh web site as we did for St. Moses the Black.

    Moreover, I announce in the Tasbeh web site if something was loaded on the web site of the church to be available to any church or any person.

    As I said before, we did many books from 1983 until now and it will be published consecutively when the renovation of the web site of the church will be finished.

    Later, I will announce all the books that we did, in French or English. Only one book was published in Spanish: the life of St. Karras.

    Also we did books for the church of St George in Ottawa and these will be added to the website of the church St. Mary, the reason is that all the books are in one web page.

    Thanks and have a good day
  • [quote author=abrami link=board=2;threadid=4113;start=0#msg57503 date=1152550300]

    can you please add the english if you can and can you upload the source of the psali (like a scaned pic and may be send it to me on [email protected]) it's just that the psali is not in any book.
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