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Hey Guys

I was wandering what are some of the best sermons you have listended to?

Feel free to suggest anything



  • Anything by H.G Bishop Angelos. That man is a legend. His sermons are so heart-warming and like awaken you to reality.

    I've only heard the following of his sermons: (but I am positive that the rest are as good, if not, better)
    - Prayer- Back to Basics
    - Living The Christian Life
    - Youth to Be Desired
    - Am I too Busy For God?
    - Dealing With Stress
    - Knowing God's Will

  • Hey Hard Yakka (by the way your nick name may be breaking Trade Mark and Patent laws you should seek legal advice!!)

    the best sermons are by the Pope and i especially like his Q & A sessions!!

    you can get his sermons from from his website, they are weekly and you can even hear them live online every wednesday. if you need help locating them you can ask me and i will send you the link.


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