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The grave yard is viewed differently from community to community.
One common thing about it is the fear and serenity it instills in the mind of the living.
Yet, like dead which all must experience, the luckiest amongst the living get to be buried by family, friends, colleagues or society in this resting place.
My question is what happens from the time we take the last breath, to the time we are taken to the grave and in the grave up to the day when man shall be called to account for his deeds in this world?


  • I think [please correct me if I'm wrong] that souls go to places to await their Judgement. For example sinners go to Hades [Not hell], and the ones who will go to Heaven go to a paradise or something. Please forgive me for not having intimate knowledge on this issue but I think this is what I've heard regarding this issue but I may be wrong. I pray someone with more knowledge can answer you.
  • WMA, I think ure right. I too think i've heard the same thing. Hades is not hell. Hades is just a place where they get ready to go into hell. Before God died on the Cross, everyone who was rightous and deserved to go into heaven, they had to go to hades first (NOT HELL), because god hadn't died on the cross. Whereas, the bad people and the unjust people, went right into hell. When god died on the cross, he went into hades. Like we say in the liturgy, He descended into hades, through the cross. Now we don't say He went into hell through the cross, because he only took the people who were in hades such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Adam, Eve, Joseph, Moses, Jermiah, Elijah, Elisha, Solomon etc...... So ya, God when he died on the cross, came to hades, took the people out and took them to paradise.

    Now say in modern times such as today, a person dies, he would go into paradise, And talk to the angel, who has the book of life, and the person would tell him his name, and the angel would look up this person, if he was a bad person, the angel would say ure name is not in this book, and the angel would take him to hades, in hades he would see a devil who would take him to hell to give him his torments and punishments etc..
    If A good persion died, He would go to parradise, tell the angel his name, the angel would look it up and say ure name is in this book, well done, then he would take him to heaven. So in other words everybody goes to paradise when they die, but as soon as the angel finds his name he's out of paradise, and goes to wherever.

    Pray for me,


  • I think maybe the wicked before Christ went to hades not hell..
  • ya isn't that wat i said?
  • so r u saying that before judgement day we will know where we are going? so after we die we go to paradise, then we know we will enter hevean on judgement day????or vice versa

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