Feast of the strong Saint Ava Moses

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This is the Glorification Hymns for St. Moses the Black Book, in English, Coptic & Arabic.

It is PDF file for printing as a book in 42 Pages + the Cover, paper size is legal (8.5"x 14")
Pray for us


  • Thank you very much for that abrami. I happened to notice this post 10 mins before Liturgy this morning which gvame the opportunity to print out many copies for the deacons and congregation. Without this document, St. Moses surely would not have received the due honour and praise we were able to give him today by virtue of our access to all those hymns.

    Again, thank you very much, and please visit this site again if you happen to locate another document of a similar type for any other Saint.
  • http://www.stmaryottawa.org/

    This is the church that published the book. Might find more here.

    Thanks very much abrami (St. Moses is my favourite Saint)!
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