"Fanatical Christians and Muslims"

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Hi everyone,
I have been talking to one of our memebers about a past thread. It has caused me to wonder, is Christianity a fanatical religion. So fanatical to the point that wearing shorts or tanktops is immoral. So, if the Coptic Orthodox sect of Christianity believes this, then we too are fanatical (as the muslims)!

Let's here some oppinnions!


  • LOL!

    Well if you believe that you're too fanatical, then you're welcome to join us. Our doors are always open to Coptics.
  • I'm not Coptic, but I dont think people are necessarily saying its immoral, but only stressing the negatives of wearing too revealing clothing. No one can read other people intent, but they are just being cautious.
  • hey needle,
    I don't believe that those things are immoral. Iam wondering if some of the postings could be fanatical.
  • i think the difference is: we would advise, not legislate
    Usually in Islamic theocracy's its illegal, I think thats going too far.
  • yea i agree..our church does not devestate it but being servants of god, we should really know how to act on our own with some guidance along the way. People can not bring you to heaven by just making you not do something bcuz it all begins in the heart. This might be a very bad example(lol) but it explains my point, People can stop you from murdering someone by doing many things but you would still want to and christ said that the sin begins in the heart. So, if you don't murder sumone but wish you would or want to, for example, it's also a sin.
  • i dont think our religon is at all fanatical
    i mean, yea, we're pretty devout.... hence my 200 page long posts... but our teachings dont tell us to go kill the unbelievers, but to love them
    so if we're fanatical about that... it's a good thing
    as for wearing tanks n shorts n wut have u... it doesnt hurt to wear tshirts... i think some of us just find it unnecessary to wear tank tops n shorts... i personally occasionally wear tank tops when all my cloths is in the wash, just not the revealing spaghetti strapped ones... and i dont own ny shorts unless i'm running... i like to stick to my capris...
    didnt mean to make that an "all about SMS" post, but thats how it turned out i guess ;D
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