Sagda (Prostrations)

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The order and the hymns texts for the Sagda or the Prostrations that are done on Pentecost at 3:00 P.M. are all here in the text library:

I know this is a very late announcement but i know that there were a lot of people searching of the text.

Also ALL the hymns for the apostles' fast and feast are posted in the library as well. including english translation for almost all the hymns.


  • no problemo it'll help el sana el gaya - nxt yr

    but i don't really know ANYTHING about it so it's for the apostles' fast and what else? any interesting facts?

  • The segda is a one time prayer that is said at 3:00 pm on pentecost. (according to the rite even tho some churches do it at night). it's basiclly there sagdas or prostrations that the apostles did on the pentecost shoing how thankful they are for the holy spirit. basicly 1st sagda starts with tasbeha of matins and than matins. than a prophecy, pauline epistle, gospel and than a litany that abouna prays while the people are kneeling down. and the second and the third are the same escept in the third there is the doxologies and the is the hymn of pi-epnevma.
    youcan check out the ordar on the service and u'll understand a lot.
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