i dont know if this is normal...

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so, i am sorry if this may seem very silly but....ok so sometimes i'll be at a new place and never been there before but i have seen the exact same place, with the exact same ppl doing the exact same thing in the same position. It happens so often that i dont get surprised. But i was wondering if this happens to any one else or doz this have anything to do w/ my spiritual life??? ???


  • No it doesn't have to do with your spiritual life...it's called deja-vous....happens to everyone anywhere.
  • yeah i always wondered the same thing good question that stuff happens to me all the time i wish i could know the reason behind why that stuff happens i am looking foward to the responses

    God Bless and Pray for me
  • Marianne is right, I have had deja vus, too. Everyone has deja vus in their own time. It is not sent by God to show you the future but it could be you day-dreaming.
  • Good to know it has nothing to do with my spiritual life. I thought it might cuz my ma says u get bad dreams if u dont prayy before u sleep. So this dejavo thing has some phsycological reason behind it? And i am never aware that i am day dreaming so i dont know when or how i have seen it before. hmmmmmmmmmmmm very interseting !!!!!!!! And it happens to everybody???
  • i once heard a brain and nerves doctor explaining this.he said that when we see something ,our eyes send nerve messages to the 2 lobes of our brain.and due to difference between the speed by which the nerves deliver this msg to each lobe so that it reaches one before the other by very short time ,it seems to us that we have seen the same sight along before.i am not sure so if we have any dr. please share us your knowlegde.
  • they are simply enterpritations of the day that come to you at night and then you remember it through out the day
  • it happened to me yesterday at church....i walk in where all the icons...and then i see all my frineds and they are doing the same thing...im like woah...it was really intresting at the same time...it gave me a headache to later on in the day
  • O MY GOD!!

    This happens to me all the time. and one time actually i asked a doctor friend about it and he didn't know what i was talking about so i thought maybe i was having hallucinations or losing my mind or something. but this always happens to. its like i am having a dream that night and the next day it all comes to reality. so whenever it happens i am thinking to myself, didn't this happen yesterday. :o,

  • yes, this happens to me all the time. But I personally think it is quite amusing.
  • lol me too...i alway ask..wait did this happen before.. then everyone is like huh and im like dont worry. i actually enjoy dagavoos lol 8)
  • ya me 2 its like ive seen something before that everyone around me hasnt
    dont worry ;) gbu

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