Freedom, faith and our women.

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To what degree does our faith influence our freedom and culture?And to what extent should it really influence our freedom and culture?
BY western standard our women do not have the freedom the desrvealthough I assume they usually single out the muslim women. Is it religion or culture that brinds these disparity.
Should our women have that freedom to emulate the western style.
Today I saw on Euronews about 3dozen men and women ALL NAKED WITHOUT ANY CLOTHING ON BIKES!!!
By western standard this is freedom I suppose.
The woman has become the symbol of all forms of advertisement today, is this right.
What is the place of the woman in the society really?
Should our faith direct us or is it our culture or the whims of other cultures?


  • hello TK

    a womans place in society is the same as a mans. we may have different roles due to gender related issues but this does not mean women are inferior.

    faith should always direct us but it seems sometimes that culture intervenes in our faith not the other way around. sometimes in order for us to live according to God's word we interepret the word in the context of our culture, therefore faith can be said to be included under the guise of culture but i dont beleive it to be the other way around.

    God gave us free will and therefore we have complete freedom. We can not force others to adhere to our rules of living or to uphold the same values. all we can do is pray for them.

    you seem very perplexed i hope i have helped you.

  • Tk to answer your question you first have to define what freedom is. Is freedom the ability to do whatever you want? Does it mean no having any power controlling me or and limits/boundaries? Far from it. Freedom is the true ability to be free from sin, then and only then are you free. In this case, this means that your faith and belief should be the first and last thing in your life, your all in all. Faith in Christ Jesus should be what we live on alone. What is happenning in the Western countries in this generation should be taken as what is supposed to happen and what is right, for worse things that these shall happen. But we should stay true to the solid teaching our awesome and beautiful church gives us. We should not let the culture of this world affect our faith, in fact we should be dead to this world, caring about our heavenly life and concentrating on our Holy Savior.
  • I have no doubt about that Christ4life.
    I strongly believe that only God's love and laws can create the peaceful and secured society we all can live with our families, children able to play around with fear of any kind.
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