Psali for the feast of St. Peter & St. Paul

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I need urgently the Psali for the feast of St. Peter & St. Paul in Coptic, English & Arabic language
Thanks to all


  • there's no such thing as a psali for the feast of St Peter and St Paul. There's only a doxology. There's also the psali's for the Apostle's fast:

    find someone to type the english for u if u need it
    I have the arabic somewhere, just forgot to upload it i guess, give me a few days to find it!
  • Yes, There is a Psali for their feast, you will find it in the book of the annuel psali part II page 173
    Dear El Sourian
  • my mistake, i took it for a seasonal psali.

    I thought a psali for such a feast would have to be located in the seasonal psali's book (which is the one i have).

    It does make sense though that its in the annual book!

    I'll see if i can find it at church on sundays...
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