Calif St.Anthony Monastery

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have you guys been to Calif. St.Anthony Monastery
either if you go as one day like with church trip or as retreat
what do you guys do there?
where and how do you guys spend your Personal time , Retreat and Meditation Time.


  • la, bosi... enti lawo ro7ti el website beta3ethom hatla2y gadwal homa 3amleeno lel nas. ana tab3an el gadwal mosh odamy laz2, laken ana fakrah en el youm beybtedy min el sa3ah 5 awo 6 el sob7.. el awel fee salah (tab3an), ba3d kidah el fitar, ba3d kidah fee wa2t lel shoghl dakhel el dair...w'hakazah ya3ny. estany kidah, lama aroo7 ashouf homa 7ateen 3enwan el site 3al magalah wla la... sanya wa7dah - - - - - - - - -
    yala ya sity.... 7azek boumb!! :D el site heya shofeeh w'eb2y rody 3alayah w'2oleely dah kafy lel rad 3ala so2alek wala la...

    hey bentelkenisa! i've provided the link to their official site. go ahead and check it out and see if it has the answer to ur question. talk 2 u l8er! :D

    salam :)
  • umm is this the one in umm..cant memba where..but the one near st paulas monestry..well yes we i did go..and pretty much there was a lttle tour, we went to the maktaba....we sat with a few of the monks..ate...and looked around pretty much..

    lol i drank from the well that st anthony drank from but accidently swollowed a pebble with it..WAS A VERY UMM FUNNY PART OF MY LIFE... ;D ;D
  • mmmmmmmmmm. i dont know if ur talkin bout the right one, i dont remember a well. I live like two hours a way so we go pretty often,.we go early to liturgy then eat then we walk around the lake , library anba. karas room and hang out with the monks....... they're super nice. I am sad to have found out a few days a go that abouna Banjamin is going back to Egypt, he did such a gr8 job!
  • ya bakhtek ya copticcross3 ..... sa3tein bas?? ana ba2a be3eedah 3an el deir b'7awaly 20 sa3ah bas! ::) nefsy arou7 laken mosh 3arfah harou7 emtah..... zay ma Rabina yeried. :)

    wow, copticcross3!! you only live 2 hrs away from the monastery? i live like about, let's say.... 20 HOURS AWAY!!!
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