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can anyone please name all major feasts, minor feasts, ect. in order and the major hymns said in those feasts.

Hope i am not asking too much.

I need this cause i never know what feast is coming up next and the alhan

P.s it would be great if you could also give an approximation of how many days we have to fast in each fast. i know it varies year by year but approximately.

Thank you soooooo much!!!! 8) :) :D


  • Major: Nativity, Epiphany, Palm Sunday, Easter, Ascension, Pentecost( im sure about those, and i think the 7th is the annuciation)
    Minor: Circumsion, Entry of the Lord into the Temple, Wedding in Cana, Holy Thursday, Thomas Sunday, Entry of the Lord into Egypt, Feast of the Cross
    im a 100% sure on the minor...sry i have no time to list all the hymns in order, but you can find it under the hymns here in it names all the hymns for each feast
  • The seven major feast are as listed by mtanious, and yes the seventh is Annunciation, remember we celebrate the 29th of the Coptic month the 3 major feasts: Annunciaton, Nativity and Resurrection.

    the seventh minor feast is the Transfiguration on mount Tabor.

    The feast of the cross is not one of the "official" 14 lordly feasts, even though its seen as a lordly feast (as far as i remembery correctly), but i have heard many controversial opinions about this.

    Its interesting to notice that the feast of the Entry to Egypt falls on the same day as the Feast of Ascension, which is thursday next week. This is a very rare coincidence i guess ;D

    under the following link u can find a calendar with the feasts and fasts of this year:
  • thanks sooo much
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