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Hey name is Kirollos Shenouda .......i'm new at .......anywayz i got a friend that is orthodox (not coptic) who wants to convert to Islam can i change his mind ? :-[


  • If you tell us the reasons he wants to convert, then someone might be able to help him.
  • you can do this on your own..but it would be very very need to go to your church priest. They know what to do in these cases, and most likely the priest will contact a bishop and he'll get involved too. Sometimes these things are very hard for sumbody to do by themselves. And i'm sure that the priest and the bishops have more experience in this stuff that anybody on this site. if anybody here can help plz do...but i advice that you go to your priest....

    (just an idea)
  • Or tell him to read Islam Unveiled: Disturbing Questions about the World's Fastest-Growing Faith by Robert Spencer (this book was recommended by another member, SMS).

    Why would he want to convert to a religion that has killed our people, the Copts, for centuries?

    But, of course, do as Paul suggested, get a priest or Bishop to talk this friend. But I strongly advice you to supplement that with the book aforementioned.

    The Ancient of Days: Whom the angels praise: today has come into the land of Egypt: in order to save us, His people.

    - Chris
  • hey kiro,
    umm look EARNEST PRAYER is your best hope, but yeah talk to a priest about it too
  • hey
    actually Banoub, it was Islam Unveiled by Abdullah al Araby
    but i'm sure ur book will be just as good...

  • lol. oh, well bought the wrong book. lol.

    im sure they both show the same side of Islam. So, I guess either book in this case would work for your friend Kirollos.

    - Chris
  • Thank you so much guys for all the advice........................he is not agreeing with christianty because alot of friends(muslims) tell him that the bible contradicts itself...............he thinks that in the Bible it doesn't say Jesus is God and also that Christians beleive in three Gods ..............i always argue with him but nothing seems to work.....................if you guys know all the bad things about islam i'll happy to read it and talk to my friend about it.:D..........PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM!
  • The bible contradicts itself?! Absolutely not! Now if we wanted a book that contradicted itself, the Koran takes that spot. There is not one verse in there, that doesn’t have another verse to go against it. The Koran is essentially a book of contradictions… bring that bit of information to your friends attention.
  • If anything, its the Qu'ran that contradicts itself.

    I have this one thing to say about Islam after reading that book that I was talking about before.........Islam's not a religion, it's a cult.

    How can one want to go from a Merciful, Forgiving God to a Conquering, Lustful God? Islam is the biggest joke known to mankind, given from the devil as a trap for mankind, so that he can conquer all mankind.

    All I can say is that I pray for Muslims to see the true light, that is ONLY through Christ Jesus our Savior and Redeemer.

    My prayers are with your friend Kirollos,
    - Chris

    Let us praise the Lord: for He with glory is glorified: He ascended to the heavens: and sent to us the Comforter: the Spirit of Truth: Amen. Alleluia.
  • I got into some explanations about the Islamic religion on another thread when a Muslim person came on pretending to be Christian that was fond of the Islamic religion. Some of the points made showed how sick these people really are. He defended some of these points the way most Muslims do, but to no avail since they are specious. Read the points made on this thread and if you are asked to defend any part that you are not sure how to defend then be sure to ask.

    This is the page
  • I think its important to remember that most Muslims are earnest and non-violent, like most Christians. About the Bible having contradictions... it may seem that way on the surface, but so can the Quran or any other. The followers of the religion are the only people who seek to find it as Truth, so just as we see no contradictions in the Bible, they see none in the Quran..
    But most people I know haven't actually read the Quran, they have only had it translated to them... so they accept whatever the imam tells them...
    About your friend, first of all PRAY, pray for him to find the Truth, don't pray in his presence but pray in private, with all your heart... Ask him his real reason for wanting to become Muslim, is it from really knowing Islam or is it to tick off his parents, etc... Show him how these 'contradictions' in the Bible are really not contradicitons, Then show him what Christians see as contradictions in the Quran... But keep praying...
  • check out this website, and ask your friend to read it as well...
  • Bishop Samonas of Gaza had come to Jerusalem with a party of pilgrims. A Muslim there requested him, before a large concourse of people, to answer some questions regarding the Blessed Sacrament. The Bishop acceded to the request, whereupon the Muslim asked: "How is it possible for bread and wine to become the Body and Blood of Christ?" To this question the Bishop replied: "You have not always been as tall as you are now. You have grown since childhood and today you have more flesh and blood than you had then. What is the reason for this? Your body changed the food you ate into flesh and blood. Now, if the human body changes food and drink into flesh and blood, then indeed God can do it also."

    Satisfied with this reply, the Islamite continued: "But how is it possible for Christ to be present in His entirety in the small host?" "The landscape that you see before you with the blue sky above it," responded the Bishop, "is something immense, while on the other hand your eye is very small. Yet your tiny eye contains in itself the whole gigantic picture of the landscape. When you consider this, it will not seem impossible for Christ to be present in His entirety in the little piece of bread."

    The Muslim put another question to the Bishop: "How is it possible then for the same Body of Christ to be simultaneously present in all your churches?" "To God nothing is impossible," answered the Bishop. "This answer alone ought to be sufficient. I will, however, show you something similar in everyday life. When I speak to a single individual, he hears me and takes to himself what I say. If I should address the same words to a thousand people, they would all hear the same thing. Or, look in to a large mirror. You see your image reflected in it but once. When you break the mirror into a hundred pieces, you see the same image of yourself in each of the hundred fragments of glass. If such phenomena occur in everyday life, how should it be impossible for the Body of Our Lord to be present in many places at the same time?"

    Astonished at this remarkable analogy, the Muslim made no reply, but went his way deeply engaged in thought.
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