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Well, My fellow Christians I need some help.
A girl in my class whent up to me and "asked me out". If you don't know what that means, it is saying she whants to be my girlfriend. Well, I am only 14 years old and I don't realy beleave in that. I also do not think god would like me to do suck A thing

Well I just told her maybe. Then I walked away. Well, I was just wondering what would be a good Christian way to say no to her answer?


  • "Sorry, no"

    It's a normal gotta get your point of views out there.
  • Just say no if you do not want too and if she asks why explain to her why you cant and ask i hope we can still be friends because i enjoy being friends with you(only say that if you do enjoy being friends with her)
  • [quote author=mtanious32 link=board=10;threadid=3900;start=0#msg54878 date=1147898967]
    Just say no if you do not want too and if she asks why explain to her why you cant and ask i hope we can still be friends because i enjoy being friends with you(only say that if you do enjoy being friends with her)

    Couldn't have said it better, you don't want to hurt her feelings, everyone goes through that process, the answer is built upon your families teachings, so if you know that for sure that your older sibling or your hero etc is in the same situation, what would they do? Yes, simply say, sorry no, but I wish we could remain friends, good luck, God be with you!

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  • Hello all,

    Just spent some time reading through all the posts and I have one small peice of advice.


    I am 36, been married 4 years and have a baby on the way. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. The reason for this is God has blessed me with what I wanted and the RIGHT time.

    In my twenties I studied, built my career, gave time to the Church travelled the world, lived in the UK and made many friends from the Coptic Church in DC. I had many many friends and thought about girls all the time. It was a great time in my life.

    All that gave me a wide and varied set of experiences and exposed me to different ideas and perpectives.

    I recomend that everyone have these sort of experiences for some time in your lives before making those most important decisions about who you will spend the rest of your life on earth with.

    Dont rush into any thing, be emotionally mature before you make decisions that affect other people rather than yourself only and if you are less that say 25 years old.... WAIT!!!!!! There is plenty of time!

    Take my word for it. :)

    God Bless

  • you can just explain to her that we don't believe in dating when we r that young and even if you don't wanna explain u can just say sorry no and she should respect that!i hope that helped

  • lol i no i seem rude n slak but its funny wen u just chuck em a massiv dirty hahahah u shood try it once llol darn that was fun... na lol umm try im a pure son of God and we r still young... our focus should be truly on God at this age... try that it wood work or just say no lol all my times its been a straight no and a walk off sum r just bit disabled n follow u but hey u get over it use this agen to preach with that answer mayb God made that happen so u can open her eyes and live a pure life as well... ur saving sum1 dude so next tym try that answer. :) God bless and protect u

  • well we have all been thru me..not even ifmore than once..

    but what is that i would say lets be friends..i dont want to ruin that...

    and also...if he/she in my case...even though it was made clear....

    abouna had told me to..(n for my case) that i would tell him that..I HAD LIKED SOME1 ELSE....(guees who...Imannuel..MY LORD GOD AND SAVOIUR) ....IT worked like a treat... ;)

    but ask ur FOC..and i emphasis that was only FOR MYYYYYYY CASE....
  • HAHAHAHA , yea i dont get why they do this stuff n get heartbroken n depressed n fall behind in skool n religon, i'm only 13 n u wouldnt believe whats on everybodys mind , DATING N GETTING PHONE NUMBERS !!!!! HAHAHAHA. I would like to emphasize that dating wasnt made to flirt or or for fun ,but to decide who u want to spend the rest of your life with. When people ask me , i tell them the truth , i dont believe in dating we can still be friends just like anyone else. Also if it is someone u like, ur families can get to know them n u can make family friends n have family dates.
    mb :)
  • ur on the rite track kid.. but just to make u not have any doubts u should read "i kissed dating doogbye" by joshua harris..... its a great book i think u'll realli benefit .. anyone who reads it probably will so im begging u to read it .. just tell the grl y u cant maybe she'll understand.. or just be like im not looking for a girlfrend rite now but thanx or somethign like that , maybe u can have her read the book too .. lol k well gluck :)
  • hey whatsup im almost 13 and starting to get to that stuff i think u should just pull away ... thats what my cuz does whos 15 and it helps hes done it lotzz and it helps...hope it works for you.. :)

    good luck ;) bye
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