Be demoo ya rab kalemtak

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Does anyone have this song... I would greatly appreciate it... Thanks a bunch :)...


  • i only have the words ive heard it before but i cant find the audio for it at the moment
    here is the words in case u need them
    1-bel demoo3 ya rab kalemtek, bel demoo3 ya rab ana 3ahedtek
    refrain: ya yasoo3 ana 3ahedtek
    2-3aynai bel demoo3 kad emtala2it, nafsy min el awga3 kad insakabet
    3-bel khataya ya rab 3ameltek, bel khateya ya rab ana salemtek
    4-ya man kabalt el mowt min agly ha 3aynay khozha we kaza kalby
  • Thanks.. I really want the audio though.. if anyone could find it for me, I'd be very greatful...
  • i think i have found it,
    hope you enjoy it
  • Thank you soooo much you just made my day.... ;D
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