Did God create Evil?

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Maybe you'll answer it maybe you won't, but I've been wondering.

Since God created everything.

That would mean he created Evil.

Which would mean he is when he isn't so did he or did he not create Evil.



  • God created everything from the beginning so he had to create everything But evil started in the garden of eden after eating the forbidden fruit .From that point there has been sin and evil so in a way he did create evil but we the sinners do the evil all he did was give us the oppurtunity to choose good from evil..Someone help me explain this a bit better.Also look in genisis and read the scripture it willl help.
  • Lol here's a perfect story for this topic from my homework:
    In an attempt to disprove God, a college professor once asked the class if God created everything. Upon verification, he asked if evil existed in the world. In a seemingly cunning move, he said that since God created everything and evil is a part of everything, God is evil. At this, a student asked if cold exists. After the professor affirmed this answer, the student explained that coldness did not exist, and instead was simply the absence of heat. The student asked another question: does darkness exist? The professor agreed to that, and was again corrected: darkness is simply the absence of light. Finally, the student asked the same question posed by the professor: does evil exist? The professor agreed firmly this time, repeating his answer. The student corrected him a final time, saying that evil is simply the absence of God.

    That last line is referring to us and how we are living in darkness and not letting God run our lives...and how religion and God is not important to us anymore...I hope that helps...lol i really like this story!
  • This is a question from the book Youth Concerns: Questions and Answers by H.G. Bishop Moussa.

    If God is the creator of everything, does that mean He also created sin?

    Sin is not something to be created. Sin is the negative aspect of goodness - it is the absence of goodness. And therefore, not something to be created.

    Please forgive me and pray for me,

  • These are very good answers and the reference booklet of HG Bishop Moussa can be found here:
    (your Q is number 51 in the book)
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