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is there any way to change our username



  • You may whant to IM a administrater or a moderator about that.
  • how
  • Yes, there actually is, it's called modifing and editing it, all you got to do is, see those 6 icons, click profile one, it has a baby on it, now press Name: _____________ there is space for you to write on, it's says this under name-Name:
    This is the displayed name that people will see. Just now write any name you would like, hope this is what you wanted, and hope I helped. Take care, bye!

    Coptic Servent
  • No but thanks for trying i am trying to change my log in name or username not my name ( the one people see me by

  • i don't think you can change that..but just im the admin or something maybe u can!

  • yep me too ..i wanna change ma name aswell...!!lol..look at ma at ur JKS>>>

  • The only way to change the "username" is for it to be deleted and another username to be created.

    It does not make any difference what the username is as far as features and capabilities, so their is no point in changing it.

    If you want to change the display name, then the instructions have allready been posted earlier in this topic.

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