How is Tasbeha done at your church?

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Hey everyone

I have a big question that I need answering to.

1.) How is Tasbeha "organized" at your church.

A couple months back we had a little argument at our church right before Tasbeha that it should be split up into Two choruses (North & South), at least one deacon has to be on each side, and girls are not allowed to play cymbals or the triangle at any point in Tasbeha or in I would like to know how is tasbeha "organized" at your church...Thank You All!


  • The name of the topic is a little weird because tasbeha should the same in ALL churchs.
    anyways, in my church we start tasbeha after abouna and the people pray midnight prayer. when doing tasbeha, you really don't need to have two choruses. if there is enough deacons there it's fine. also mostly one deacon would lead. also sometimes we let the girls praise to. somtimes we do two choruses, one girls (with a mic down there on the ladies side) and another chorus would be the deacons up on the khoras where they always stay. with the trianto and deff, ANYONE who knows how to play them can paly in tasbeha and mostly in other services. there is no rite in our church that says women must not play the deff and the trianto. and than the order of tasbeha should be the same.

    also if i am not clear in what i said about my church, you can just listen to the broadcasting tonight, here on :)
  • Well ya we do it somewhat the same way that minagr, but its not really 2 choruses, its just we have 2 leaders, one on each side, and they rotate between verses, which is how its suppose to be done. As far as the trianto and the def go, we do the same, anyone that wants to and know show can play the trianto, but the def usually only us deacons play it. But ya its not suppose to be only the deacons singing, the whole church should be singing. Tasbeha was referred to by the church fathers as "heaven on earth" and in heaven, the prasies are all organized, but everyone still contributes of course.
    hope that helps

  • Wow, you don't let girls play the triangle or the cymbals?! I'm a little offended by that. I go to tasbeha on Friday nights, and it's really simple, there are just a few guys and girls, and we switch from Coptic to English, and anybody on either side can sing whenever they want (people who are more fluent will tend to do the Coptic, while everybody else will sing the English parts).

    Technically, one of the guys is a little louder (there are no microphones) so as to lead, but really its just everybody joining in at the same time.
  • here is the link for the broadcasting:
    you can listen to tasbeha there now.
  • ummmmmmm this may sound kinda stupid but what is tasbeha? What broadcasting are u talking about ? i dont know there was anything else on this website other then posting stuff

  • tasbeha, coptic cross is the midnight praises that are supposed to be said at night the day before the Divine Liturg (mass)
  • [quote author=copticcross3 link=board=10;threadid=3836;start=0#msg54167 date=1146972975]
    ummmmmmm this may sound kinda stupid but what is tasbeha? What broadcasting are u talking about ? i dont know there was anything else on this website other then posting stuff


    tasheba is the same as midnight praised as josephgabriel said and this site has all kinds of songs and praised and hymns and eveything!!

    there is no rite in our church that says women must not play the deff and the trianto

    i don't think this is right because on friday night we do tasbeha after our pre servants and only few girls stay and NONof the guyz stay and girls play the daff and the i don't think this right because also in the hight school girls convention girls played the daff and we had 2 sayedna's and alot of abouna's and they neevr said anything about us playing the daff!

  • I played the deaf once in performance for Pope Shenouda III, Anba Youhanna, Anba Sabramoun, and Anba Morcos, and none of them cared, even our Priest's wife wanted me to play, and wanted to teach the next generation to play the deaf and the torianto, actually the girls do the tasbeha since the boys are outside playing football, or have orban to do, or a favor etc, but we have 2 girls that do it, and if the boys want to go they go!

    Coptic Servent
  • i agree with most of what was said but i just want to make some points clear:
    1- all of us can pray in tasbeha whether boys or girls
    2- there is no problem that girls would play daf or trianto,
    as there are deacons they must take the lead as the church tought us that women should not teach or lead prayers in presence of men,so no problem of making a chorus of girls but they must be leaded by a deacon.
    if there are no deacons , girls can pray the hole tasbeha alone.
    in our church,abona pray the tasbeha with a chorus of girls once a week to teach the girls (with no deacons)
  • Well, in my church we have north and south for decon places. No girls ofcorse. It should be the same way all the churches do it.
  • Wow, bespetna... getting a little offensive there...

    No girls ofcorse

    anywho we have it sometimes on the Girl's side because we are the only ones that attend and the powerpoint stuff is on the girls side and we usually sit like right behind the guys, although they dont let us play the deff but we havent asked them yet...thx for motivating me guys
  • this is how we do our tasbeha
    we split the deacons into two groups north side and south side. Each side stands on each side of the church and the congrgation stands behind .the deacons sing everything in the mike and play the deph and torianto and the congregation sings along. Also no one uses a book because there is a big projector n front of the altar. It is sooooo nice 8) :)
  • Ok thank you all for your replys, also, this is not personally but officially, since tasbeha is also called the "Midnight prayer" isnt it supposed to be started at midnight!?!?
  • umm Bespetna plz show respect as i got really offended by u saying no girls allowed. i h8 wen guys say that and use the verse that says girls cant raise their voices in the church and we had a lot of fights bout that at church well i LUUUUUV my tasbeha we hav the 2 sides boys on 1 and girls on the other usually we dont hav a deacon bcoz its better that way and abouna allowed us to lead ourself as we no it better than the guys when there r guys in the church abouna allows the girls to play the triangle and the boys to play cymbals... way better when is us gals we do everything it ROX!!!

    u ever had a mass with 1 deacon which is another abouna? we had that befor omg it was the best us gals bout 40 girls did the resurrection zafa and we played cymbals n triangles omg best mass i attended

  • LOOOOOOOL something about girls raisn their voices in CHURCH>>>>>>LOL>>>>>>>>IM LIKE THE LOADEST PERSON IN CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!! (lol me n CHRIS...frog...LLLLOOOOLLLLLL oh im slak.,...)
  • [quote author=Bespetna link=board=10;threadid=3836;start=0#msg55011 date=1148057598]
    No girls ofcorse. It should be the same way all the churches do it.

    Wow, talk about sexism. I am extremely offended by that Bespetna, and I would really appreciate some clarification/apology for saying that. You are acting as if the idea of having girls at Tasbeha is ridiculous and absurd.

    Oh, and people, don't give me all that chatter about women being "silent in the church" because clearly that verse is not to be taken LITERALLY (unless you want to gag women at the doors when they enter the church to make sure they don't say a word). All the verse means, in my opinion is that women are not meant to PREACH (ie, do a sermon and lead a mass, therefore become priests and whatnot). I don't think that verse has any relevance whatsoever to Tasbeha.
  • hey, this is a bit off topic but can some1 answer it please: are there such things as deaconesses? i dont mean to offend any1 but plz ignore my ignorance and plz give me an answer

    o and pray for me

    god bless
  • hay josepghgabriel,
    YES there r :) we have 3 one of them is FULL ranked as well and i heard that they ordained a new one as well. if u get to meet 1 they are AWESOME people they r so beautiful. its good nd even u got the monks we got the deaconesses. basically wat u do with the monks we do with the deaconesses. as u go monastery and clean we go to where they stay and clean we do Bible studies, but then comes the better part which u dont do. they obviously read the ENTIRE Agbia 1nce a day so we do it with them its sooooo cool! umm sometimes we go shopping with them we go everywhere, visitations, other churches i memba i went on a retreat we went to a church in the morning and then at night we went to another church from 6pm to 4am it was st Demiana's feast omg it was AWESOME! we do crafts we everything with them o ye and we wake up 6 and do tasbeha in the morning so yeah. u gotta love em ;)

  • thx fully rely on God ;)
  • hey frog...but um..did they ordain anoda one!! yay more TIMES THE BLESSING!!
  • hay why i saw it in the spring of love i got no idea i din c her or nufin but i dunno got no idea

    np josheph :D
  • haiie guys this might come as a surprise to most of you but the first time cymbals were mentioned in the Bible they were being played by a woman !!

    It was Miriam the sister of Moses, as the Israelites triumphed over pharoah and his army!

    Bet you didn't know that Bespetna ;D
  • The ladies participate in tasbeha in any capacity except giving the blessings that are supposed to be given by the priest and not lead while there are deacons available.

    Chanting is definitely asked,not allowed, from girls and all the congregation as part of worship, and playing the cymbals is not a priesthood task , as far as I know, so girls could actually play it. If there is a reason I am unaware of, maybe somebody could clarify.

    That does not make the girls deacons or readers in the Church in liturgical seetings nor should this be extended to assume tasks that are part of the deacons ranks and priesthood orders. They have no share in this.
  • Alright, I do not want to interrupt this part of the forum because it seems like it is benefitting everyone...but I would like to know, what time do you start your tasbeha at church...and what is the "right" time/official time to start tasbeha? Because it's called the Midnight Praise, but at my church we start right after any input?
  • we also begin tasbeha after el ashia but this is because of life demands as we can`t stay all over the night making tasbeha ( except for kiahk tasbeha ) .as for the official time i think it is around 3 a.m. after midnight prayer which begin at 12. we see fathers in monstries do it that way,and after finishing the tasbeha they begin the liturgy immediatly and finish about 7 a.m. ( i.e. they don`t have to sleep early to go to their jobs in the morning ;D )
  • Some of you were saying about how your Church has girls leading in Tasbeha. I wish our Church had that! That would be so AWESOME!!! Does anyone know any Churches in the New England area that have Tasbeha like that (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York). Maybe I can catch Tasbeha there once.
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