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Does anyone here no about st marys in raleigh nc.?Does anyone here attend there if so tell me more about the church god bless.


  • hello trusting in god, i think i know about the church your talkign about. Its fairly new if im thinking of the same one. Theres a miracle in the history of that church. When it was first built, the pope assigned a preist to it, and he would always do the mass, but he only had about 4 deacons and maybe 1 row of people in the whole church. So he asked the pope "there are no coptc that live in this city, can i be assigned to another church? Every week the church has less than one row of people" so the pope told him to go back and just try it for one more week and if he didnt like it he can be re assigned. So the pope prayed that god may open this preist's eyes. So the next week he does the mass again with his few deacons and while he is circling the altart with the body of christ, he faced the church and saw the church fillllled with angels and saints, all contributing to the liturgy.
    ya its a really cool thing, to know that that these churches are filled with ranks of heavenly hosts.

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