Saddam, Anti-Christian, really?

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I just ran across this old article from 2000:

Donation of land in Iraq

President Saddam Hussein of Iraq issued a presidential decree No 1503/8 to donate a piece of land (Section 11 Farm of Hamdy) for the Coptic Orthodox Church to build a church. The piece of land is 3000 sq meters. The president also donated the sum of 50 million Iraqi dinars (US$30,000) for the construction of the church.

Metropolitan Abraham sent us copies of the presidential decree signed by Mr. Ahmed Hussein Khodeir, Head of the Divan and a copy of the attached cheque.

El-Keraza Nos. 45,46, 22 December 2000

I thought this guy HATED Christians, etc. etc. etc.... This guy was no Islamic fundamentalist, that was all propaganda... no wonder bin Laden wanted Saddam Hussein executed because he wasn't fanatical enough... Hussein was a very secular ruler...


  • Saddam in his nature was a violent man, he was also a bit overwhelmed by his power, I've never heard of that before though. I mean he might have good stuff in him. But as for violence, well he was violent, like in Egypt when he was still a soldier working for Gamal Abd-El-Nasser he got in a fight with his friend and threw him off the balcony from the 11th floor. Yet he might have copied Nasser's love for Christians at least a tiny bit. Or it might have been to protect himself from America, or to show the world that he's good. We don't know but there sure is a very reliable reason behind all that.

  • i didnt mean to say he was a good man, I meant that he wasnt a Islamic extremist... he was a secular ruler not at all like the Taliban..
  • Ok I get what you mean and I do agree with you on that.
  • Yup, Sadaam was actually an athiest. He was against any religous organization.
  • my dad liked him just for the fact that he was the only arab president that was nice to Christians.

    no matter wat, i still think that the US should not have interfered. my opinion
  • how does this affect the Bush policy of calling Saddam an Islamic extremist and linking him to bin Laden? i think it makes bush out to be a liar.
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