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Their was a coptic man who absoloutley loved God, but one day he went to the monastery and talked to a monk (forgot the monks name sorry bout that).

He than asks the monk. "Why are you living all your life, why do you stay many years in a hot monastery with limited food when maybe this is nothing maybe their is no God.

What if you are wasting your life here all this time!" Than the monk said, "What if their is God?

What if we are doing this for a reason? What if we are doing this to be full of life in heaven and richness in heaven and fufilness in life?"

The man was shocked by his answer. (I think he became a monk himself I am not sure).

So this story shows that we do this all for a reason. I learned this story from my priest in
church, and can you please tell me if you thought this was a affecting you story or a non-affection story... It affected me plenty much.


  • what??????
  • what???????????? ???
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    I believe he was asking if the story affected you, or is relevant to you [I.e. you can relate to it]

    I'm not sure I properly understand the story, and I'm even more unsure that it affects me, but I feel in some way it does
  • I understand this about the story: can someone who denies God prove beyond doubt that He does not exist? Otherwise God must exist so you'd better believe Him, trust Him and follow His teaching to the end.
  • eh ya ged3an?! el ragel beyes2al so2al wade7, mosh me7tag shar7 ya3ny..

    can you please tell me if you thought this was a affecting you story or a non-affection story

    I thought the question was very clear, actually. Anyway, yes lildude, that story affected me deep in my heart. because many are those who marvel at why monks, became monks! why did they leave the world, with all of its pleasures and opportunities, to live at a monastery that provides none of what the world could?? the monk though didn't give the man a mean, repulsive answer. instead, he was kind, and answered the man in a method that was of resemblance to his question. why was the monk kind? because roughness turns people away, whether it was about God or anything else, but by kindness you can win many people. i love that story... when i read it, i reflected on it for a few minutes and it beautifully affected me. Thanks for sharing it dude!! ;D ;D

    salam :) ]
  • Thats a great story thanks for sharing god bless pray for me :)
  • It doesn't realy effect me much. I know that there is a god.
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