A way to die before the end of the world without taking any risks.

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Most of you know that we never know when the world is going 2 end. Well Jesus said that no one will know, so if you say its going to be tomorrow when you know its not going 2 be but just say it is you will know its not gonna be tomorrow cause u said it will be tomorrow and God said no one will know and so if i say it will be tomorrow it aint gonna be is that correct? I am pretty sure its wrong and right please correct me.

And by the way please don't say god say God, god is like the idols.


  • well, in my opinion lildude, if i keep saying "tommorrow is the end, tommorrow is the end" then in some way i'm actually challenging God. in other words, my subconscience is whispering in my ears.... "hey, filobateer, since God already said that no one knows when they'll die, why don't you try God to see if you're gonna die or not and if He is right ."

    this is a true story that happened to me:
    i was riding in the car with my parents, brother, and grandma but i was TOTALLY in a terrible, horribly, "attitudy" mood. and what topped it all was when i got squished sitting in the back seat, and i was squished in the middle between grandma and my brother. so, foolishly, i've decided that the only solution for that is for God to send something to take me out of here. so i said under my breath, "God i beg You please send me a curse or something to get me out of here. please God, argook ya Raby."
    anyway, so after 10 minutes from what i said, i sneezed one time but really hard. and all of a sudden, my nose starts bleedin like CRAZY!!!!!! it bled for 15 minutes STRAIGHT, NON-STOP!! and i knew.. ;) i knew... ;) ......... from then on i told myself that NEVER will i say such a foolish thing. ( i hope i didn't :-\)

    so, in a sense, it's not a wise thing to keep saying, guessing, or whatever u call it, to keep saying that 'my end will be tommorrow'... believe, DEFINITELY not a good thing. :o ;) :D

    salam :)
  • Thanks filobateer you cleared me up with the story.
  • any time, bro. no prob. at all!!! ;D ;D ;)
    keep those threads coming, dude. ur topics are seriously really interesting. i love 'em!!! ;D
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