Miracle in Syria of St. Mary's statue moving its mouth

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Hey Guys,

Recently, we were told in our church magazine from Syndey about a miracle occuring (or has occured) in which St. Mary's statue's mouth appeared to be moving as if saying something. They provided us a link to view the photos but it doesn't work and I was wondering if any of you have heard anything about this miracle?

Thanks, Mazza
God Bless


  • I have this file, it works in acd see viewer. Is this it?
    I think it was shot using a cell phone.
  • it doesnt work ???
  • john, it's not working yabny :'( i would really really appreciate it john if you can make this file viewable. :-\ :D
  • yh iit duznt :S
  • It's working ya baba (it's a 3gp file not a mpg)
    Try this one, if it does not work then maalesh baa!
    (the clip is not clear but that's what I have)
  • yanhar abyad!!! ya 3am mabteshtaghalsh ya seidy.... ana kol lama adoos 3aleiha yetla3ly kalam, ka2eny ba7adar l'7ad 7egab wala 7agah!! ;D ;D ;D lol

    no really yabny! :D it's not working at all. like i said, everytime i click on it, a gibberish kind of writing pops up.
    Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppp ya John_s2000!! :'( :-\

    salam :)
  • Assef ashanak ya filobateer!!!
    It works, both do, do not use the regular media player: find other ones and you will see.

    The clips (they are the same) are not clear so do not bother too much.

    We should be very careful from now on, read about the cult of a false theotokos, posted by MarMar91:
  • la ma3lesh ya john, walah yehemak... entah 3amalt kol el mo7awalat yabny... ezaher w'alaho a3lam ana ely na7s! ::) ;D
    u've done everything u could to provide the clip 4 evry1 2 see!

    laken toshkar awy ya john 3ala el link ely entah 7atetoh fel post. it's good that you've included that link in your post, cause if you wouldn't have, i would've never learned about that new cult. eh ya khoya el masayeb (disasters) ely betetla3 gedeed deh??!!
    b'amanah, Rabinah ye7faznah lel nehayah. ;D
    May God protect us from all these dangerous deviations that could cast a soul in the fiery pit.

    salam :)
  • I think we should be very careful with such supposed miracles. Certainly there have been many authentic miracles taken place, but also many false ones.

    We, as Orthodox Christians, should not be interested in seeing Angels, Saints or any other miracles, because this makes us easy targets for demonic deception and dishonest people.

    Instead, we should focus on seeing our own sinfulness and repenting of it. It is this that will get us into heaven. Its better to see the Saints in heaven than to see them on earth.
  • I realy whanted to see the pictures on it :(.
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