Scary but true...

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Hey Guys,
Two months ago this lady came to our Church, she's Canadian and she came with this baby with her and said she's a Copt and wanted to baptize her baby as well. Yet she acted so weird and later on as people sawe here more and more and saw the way she acts they knew she was crazy or demented. One day however as we were bowing down, this lady laid her head backwards and her face turned BLOOD red and jumped under the bench. We were kinda scared and all that. In St. Mark's feats, every time she looked at his picture she'd hide under the bench as well.

Last week we discovered she is demented and she was locked in a mental hospital, we knew also that she used to live with copts and they did something to her and when she came here she became mentaly corrupted, what's sad is that we also realized she has escaped a couple of times so we called the police and they captured her, next day I was going to Church for Bible Study and unfortuanetly not much people go. And my mom dropped me off and found Abouna's car so I was like...hey there's Abouna's car then he's inside, so she said Ok I'll go to Wal-Mart to return this and I'll be back in a couple of minutes and she said Karim (my bro) will go to Bible Study with me.

However we kept knocking and nobody would open the door for us and I even looked from the window and I founf Abouna's room's light closed. And I stayed for about 30 minutes with my bro like that. (My mom didn't come yet) I was even talking to Karim and I said: Maybe St. Mark will open for us (since the Church is named after him) and my brother and I were kinda scared to look at the windows coz well, we thought St. Mark migh actually open the door....

And then suddenly I saw Tasony in the window and she said: "Are you alone??" and I was like yes.. and then I said no no, Karim is with me..., so she opened the door for me. And I asked her why the door was locked and she said that the demented lady called and she said she was coming so she escaped, however we called the police (the police came 3 hours later...crazy ppl) and we want them to take her without going into the Church.

So I was like: "Oh darn, mom is coming in a couple of minutes though" and unluckily my mom and the lady came at the same exact moment and my mom started panicking because we weren't there and she thought the demented lady did something to us. So I told Tasoni that I had to go and tell my mom so she said Ok but go from the back so I went and I called my mom and started talking in Arabic, yet from my stupidity I said "Bolice" to my mom and the lady heard it and started freaking out, she was like: " You locked me out didn't you, you called the police, they're coming, you're a deacon right??" (Bad luck, after 2 days from my ordination I'm asked that question ::)) So I was like umm, yes I am. So she said then you'll understand me and suddenly she stareted making these weird chanting noises and I thought she was calling demons or spirits or whatever and I was like STOP and then (no offence to I was like "umm, I think what you need is a Catholic Deacon....there's a Catholic Church right over..." and she cut me and said NO, I'm a Copt. And she went on with the chanting....As I was freaking out I yelled at her saying: Stop, There's noone inside, you either call Abouna or leave." So she's like Ok but I wanna sit with you so I was so mad and I yelled even harder: NO! and then she left and gave us like a kiss in the air...

However, when I was talking with abouna, the lady that first saw her (She's a REALLY nice lady) She dove her to Church and all that and helped her, so she said that once they were in the Car and suddenly the lady's face turned sad and she said angrily "I got a message....'Randa HATES me, 'Randa HATES me...." (Tasony Miranda is Abouna's Wife, By the way Abouna means Priest or Father and Tasony is what we call the Priest's wife."

So what are your thoughts, H.G. Anba Sarabamon said that there will be a prayer done to make the spirits leave her yet they are waiting for something...

Any thoughts??



  • Mark, how is that funny, I was terrified and till now I am...

  • Oh come on, what is there to be scared of? I wonder what you would do if you took a ride on the F, 6, or L trains. There are people like that all over the place. Time and time again they come and do their voodoo stuff on me and other people and you just laugh about it and wonder what type of mental disorder they are suffering from. I’ve got tons of stories… anyway why were you so scared anyway? What could she have possibly done to you? If she was a 300lb body builder woman maybe you have a reason to be scared; but I doubt she was. You said yourself, she only wanted to talk and get help, so why be scared?
  • Yeah she needs prayer, and mental help, possibly lithium for schizoprenia... Make sure the state or in your case province gives her a mental health professional... if you don't have any, I can give you the contact information for Catholic Charities and they can provide a psychologist free of charge...
  • sometimes mental people can be out of control, my moms a nurse, she told me that once she had a mental patient, a small guy, it took 6 big orderlies to stop him from acting nuts...
  • Well she had a spirit in her...

    Scary enough to me....


  • i don't know about having a spirit in her, I mean it's possible, but usually these people are just mentally ill...
  • But I mean there was signs like:

    1. Every time she looks at St. Mark's picture in his feast she goes nuts and her face turns read and she jumps under the bench..

    2. She said: "...I got a message.." message?? from who?? spirits..

    3.When we bow down to the Lord she goes crazy...

  • i knew a lady like that too, but sometimes chemical imbalances in the brain can do that sort of thing... also she may have some sort of brain tumor or something... She should get an MRI done at a hospital first...
  • Maybe, but man you should hear the chanting....Ceeeeraaazy....

  • Just pray for her. Ask abouna to pray for her too. The power of prayer is beyond our understanding.
  • I guess ur right..

  • I have goosebumps all over my arms...and you were near her.....God be with you for having so much courage. And may he cure all those who need his healing...

  • Well I had to do mom was panicking and the lady is mental, she could've done anything to my mom...

  • That once happened to me at my church except the lady locked herself in the bathroom, and wanted to drink in abouna's cup...

  • My friend in Egypt had a maid with mental problems, when she was working with them she wanted a higher raise and they disagreed so she took a knife and cut all the way through her arm to her arteries and was about to die but they saved her yet she told the police THEY did that to her and they got in so much trouble and had to immigrate to Australia..

    Back to the point, what do u guys think, do u think she does have a spirit?

  • woa dat is freaky where u from i would have slapped er n ran off farout i do fink there was a spirit i heard dis story one of our abounas went to prach in thailand n people went n got a prostitute. abouna goes fine ill try to change er from the sin and convince that its wrong n shell have communion anyway when she was in the mass she was sitting down and her face turned black strong black (OMG) any way she didnt have communion i dun fink anyway later on this gal took er into a room to talk to her and discuss the past nd tell er about Jesus and dat time abouna was hanging his clothes on the line and while that gal was talking to the other gal she looked up and she looked normal when she looked up she opened her mouth and her voice was a guys voice and her face turned black again the other gal screamed and ran off the other 1 got up and chased er den abouna heard and ran he goes to that sinner who are u he said i am God nd he said 1 more time who are u and he said dont u belive me im God he said tell the truth then he goes ok im Satan nd he goes ok get out of her n he goes get out of her n he goes no i lov her but ill go out of her neck or sumtin else and abouna goes no get out of er toe
    he lifted the gals leg up and goes "tuyeb akla la mesh hakla"
    i dunno if its still in her but later other people went bac to sydney as there was a group goin wit abouna anyway sum guy was at home and a fone call came he answered it and sum 1 goes in a guy voice hi memba me i want u im cummin tonite im from thailand and da guy was at home at nite byhimself but den it was a frend i fink its freaky

    nerd God Bless soz if i freaked sum1
  • nardin,
    why don't you use any punctuation? it is very hard to read your posts without 'commas' or 'periods'. No offense, just advice...
  • sorry michael_thoma
    there is too much too write

    na i dont know
  • Holy flip! Man, that's scary, anyways I hope that things get that serious in our Church... :'(

  • lets say this lady is not crazy and she is having bad sprits ... aren’t you Coptic that knows that if you take el monawlah and be close to God in prayer .. no bad sprite can touch you !!!???
    don't you know that if you only rashamt el saleeb on that woman she will be running away from the power of the cross and Jesus Christ ...
    all I can tell you if you are that scared from bad sprits .. then they will not be scared of you and they might hurt you ... but if you take strength from Jesus and el Monawlah and prayer .. you should be fine and not scared at all .. in front of this woman or 100 one like her ...

  • I'm not scared of bad spirits, in fact I always like carrying my Cross in case any of them tried playing on me.

    See, bad spirits can hurt me yet they can't kill me, I am afrais of MYSELF that I may give in to their tricks one day..

  • ye ur exactly like me mike

  • bad spirits come when ur weak and when u think about it and when u r afraid that it could happen to you... Do nto be afraid. you have the Holy Spirit in You (you received Him in Baptism) He will fight in your place only if you let Him.. The Holy Spirit, the Conqueror...

    relax and know that God is there with you... in your heart, how close is that?! thats VERY close and a wonderful thing...

  • marks right go to the subway in new york theres all types of weird people as long as u dont stay away from church and communion and a life of prayer for more than 40 days u wont have a problem
    i believe those who are weak in faith and in their relationship with God particularly those who know abou the faith but choose to stay away from the Grace of God are more sucseptible to evil spirits and to "curses" from people who worship spirits and what not
    I saw an exorcism in egypt once and they say if ur weak and ur around this exorcism, the demon can easily leave the person and come right into u, thats why we're always encouraged not of course as a primary reason for praying, but are always encouraged of course to keep our gaurd up and put on the holy armor of God, not just from evil spirits since as Christians this is the extreme case i pray, but also from just normal temptations from the devil,
    dont ever let any reason keep u from church and communion because this is the best way the devil uses to get to us, some silly reason to keep people from the gift of the Holy Spirit and of entering the house of God, just as it says "I was glad for those who said to me let us go into the House of the Lord"
  • the Saints are also tempted. There have been countless instances where Saints who are so close to God go through a period of temptation. I think its called the "Dark Night of the Soul." Even Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta went through this. She overcame it, and the temptations only increased her faith EVEN more.
  • yea satan physically harms saints, like St. Anthony got straight beat up by devils, so many saints can get physically abused by demons, and you see this in SO many stories in Paradise of the Holy Fathers
  • Did anyone hear of Deacon Abas el Ghaly?

  • Yaaa! I just watched a movie about him what is that all about!!!!!!!......this movie was just sent to coptic stores without the permission from his holiness ............I mean no offence the movie when they say el kidees el yaazem Abas el Ghaly.......they're like comparing him with St.Mary or St.Anthony...............i mean i never heard of this guy ........maybe he is a saint but still these producers of the movie should of taken the permission from his holiness. ..............
  • Well I mean in my opinion he is a Saint but I am very sad that the movie was made without permission from His Holiness. Hey man, could ya be ANY chance send me that movie by mail and I'll send ya the money?

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