I saw the Moore Movie

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I just saw the Michael Moore movie, WOW!!. all I can say is WOW!! you have to see it to believe it... The connection between the Bush and bin Laden family is amazing...


  • LOL, is that movie in Canada as well?? If it is, then no time to waste man...


  • yes it is... The movie was very informative, even if you like Bush, I would recommend it as a way to learn more information. It was not un-American, actually it was very pro-poor, pro-American... It was anti-rich greedy people...
  • It's just kind of important to remember that film makers have a way of misrepresenting things and being inaccurate (on purpose). I haven't seen it yet, so i'm not going to talk about it specifically, but I have seen "Bowling for Columbine". I thought it was excellent until my professor told us some interesting information about how Moore made somethings seem a certain way, but they really weren't. He placed things out of context and not in the appropriate sequence.

    There is an anit- Moore website that tells of all his "inaccuracies". I'm not sure if the same can be said for this new documentary but try to keep that stuff in mind. Be critical of anti- Bush (and pro-Bush for that matter) arguments.
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