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1) On Good Friday, why do the deacons wear the tonia but not the priests? Why do the deacons wear the tonia anyway on Good Friday?

2) On the Easter mass, are the priests supposed to wear the bornos for the entire mass or take it off at some point?

3) I forgot this one but I'll post it as soon as I remember


  • Well archdeacon the thing is for the first one is that preists where the black vestlike thing (sorry forgot what theyre called) and theyre prayed on jus tlike tonias are, and just as the preist wheres a different garment than a normal mass, deacons do also, theyre badrashe3ns are not on the bright red or gold side, theyre switched to the black or blue side.
    hope that helps

  • Archdeacon,ý
    Interesting Question, Maybe we should start a bored on Church Rites.ý

    ý1) Just like a soldier when he is in battle he has to wear his uniform, deacons as well wear ýtheir tonias during all church liturgical services. Priests wear a black or dark blue ývestment during holy week in general. ý

    ý2) Priests should wear the "Bornos" during any feast. However before the institution they ýhave to take it off. It is just like the Bishop who wears his "3ema" during the liturgy but ýwill take it off during the reading of the bible. They are ambassadors of Christ, but when ýChrist is Present (on the Alter during the institution) or speaking (During the Bible) they ýhave to step aside and take off their crown. Again much like the Army, the highest ýranking officer will be wearing his hat until a senior officer walks in, he takes his hat off ýout of respect. ý

    Our Coptic church is beautiful with all Her rites that bring us closer to Her and God. ý

  • Thank you akramy. That was very helpful. I am glad I now know the answers to these questions.
  • Here's the one that I forgot

    Why do the deacons wear the tonia at the sixth hour?
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