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Hey Everyone,
Has anyone seen the new Michael Moore movie? Please do not support this film. It is anti-american, and in a very sneaky way, seems to support the terrorists (he claims their actins are justified). Also, President Bush has done lots of great things, I don't like others, but Michael Moore needs to be boycotted!!!

Let's get some opinions!


  • I will definitely watch this movie. It is brutally honest. Bush has done a lot more stupid and ignorant things not great things. I hate when people who oppose Bush are automatically called UnAmerican, whats unAmerican is blindly following this presidents propoganda and rhetoric. Whats unAmerican is jailing people without a trial for years. What's unAmerican is calling people unPatriotic whenever someone has another opinion. It's like Israel, they call people anti-Semitic if you oppose the Israeli government, why? I dont hate Jewish people, just Sharon's policies, so do 70% of Israelis.
  • how did we end up talking about politics in tasbeha.org forum just wondering???? (don't get offended) ;)
  • Bush is the man. You all need serious political education and to stop listening to the media. It’s all propaganda. GO BUSH!
  • lol. What happened to spiritual nature?? um....hold on lets try to make a connection between Bush and something of a spiritual nature.

    um....hey, did you guys hear, Bush is a Christian? lol, that was my ill-fated attempt. lol

    - Chris
  • I heard that Bush is a devout Catholic as well, well if he is then....GO BUSH!

    Last thing US needs is an anti-Catholic and anti-Orthodox president...

    Epsaltos Michael
  • acutally what do you think of this should Bush be held responsible for all the people died in Iraq talking from a Christian point of view not political one
  • Hey Michael Thoma,
    If you are talking about propaganda, what do you call Michael Moore's movie. It is propagandic, as well as a political void. He and many anti-Bush people, are using the movie, to hurt Bush's campaign, the republican party, and worst of: our country moral. Please don't even try and defend Moore, I've read his books and seen his movies. The only thing I can come up with, is that he is one of those weird dudes, that think that everything the government does has some kind of conspiracy in it. Get a grip ya'll this dude is wack.
  • Well, you gotta know his motives, if he wanted the oil, then yes I would blame him but if he wanted peace in the country I would say that these people died as they were the cost for peace....

    What do you think??

    Epsaltos Michael
  • Well Wasim, how do differentiate in this case, Christianity vs. politics? I mean in what ways would u like to discuss this? I need examples lol.

    - Chris
  • Bush is not a Catholic. BTW, a lot of people on Islam.com seem to like the movie even though they haven't seen it yet.

    Anyways, I really don't like Bush either. I'm pro-free market and pro-immigration, and he betrayed people like me for political gain with certain constituencies. Plus, I really don't like a lot of his Secretaries. Colin Powell is a hige exception because I think he's a good man, but he's getting fired after this term.
  • Hey Epsaltos,
    We know now that it wasn't about the oil (look at gas prices). We also know, that it was about peace. I mean seriously, how can there not be more peace without sadaam in control?
  • No, Bush is not Catholic, his wife is, but not the Bush man!!!
  • ok here is what i think i am thinking:
    from Chrisitanity point of view he ordered them to go thier thus responsible for everyone of them
    political point of view: he sent them to save and protect America
  • Even from a Christian point of view, if war is for the right reason, then it is warrented, as long as all other paths have been exhausted. Well, I got to go. So lets pick this up on Monday! I don't want to miss anything.
  • What kinda Christian is Bush anywayz?

    Epsaltos Mike
  • Bush is a Methodist, evangelical fundamentalist and so is his buddies Cheney and Ashcroft. Saddams's out of power, and what? Are Iraqi's free? And of course it was about oil...the reason gas prices are so high is because the insurgents are constantly fighting and Americans cant get control of the oil fields... don't kid yourself... Anyway, this movie will open a lot of eyes about the tie Bush has to bin Laden's family... BTW how was Saddam linked to terrorism??? It was Al-Qaeda not Iraq, thats proven by the 9/11 Commission, the Senate Committee, the House, and the UN... This whole thing was about finishing off Saddam for threating Bush, Sr...
  • The whole reason all the Churches were opposed to this war is that it was NOT for right reason...and ALL paths were NOT exhausted...
  • That lousy son of a bum...
    (I'm talking about bush)

    Ofcourse I knew it was about Oil but I wanted to see what u people think. I mean, the whole world knows that it was about oil.

    Not because Ira[glow=green,2,300]Q[/glow] and [glow=green,2,300]Q[/glow]aeda both have Qs that they are related...lol

    Epsaltos Mike
  • Why exactly did George Bush go to Iraq? like i mean actually, clearly their is no weapons of mass destruction so why did he go? im still confused.
  • Let me get that straight, buddy....


    that's about all the reasons...


  • Americans are not stupid or idiots or whatever else people say. Ok, maybe Bush's motives are not good in Irak for oil and its resources, and for many other useless wars US got into, but all they are doing is following the Truman Doctrine.

    The Truman Doctrine states that USA wil help any countries fighting insurgeries within the country or from an outisde force. This came in 1945, and this doctrine failed to mention something; Communism. 1945 was the start of the Cold war between USA and Russia.

    The Vietnam war was just following this doctrine. The 38th Parallel was also following this doctrine. The 38th Parallel was the Demilitarized Zone(DMZ) in Chile, I beleive, which helped in keeping Chile out of communist control.

    There are also many reasons that Bush attacked Irak. One reason is the resources. It is actually very smart because for a country to be super-powerful, you need the resources, and oil is a necessity.

    Look at Irak in a geographical point of view; It is at a perfect location to attack the rest of the Middle East, which in my opinion needs a HUGE smack and to be set straight.

    This war is wrong because it is not backed up by United Nations, thus people blame Bush. He is doing something his father couldn't complete, yet without permission. He captured Saddam, and he is helping in setting a democratic government in Irak. The reason the US Army is not leaving Irak now is because there is a huge power vacuum, and anybody can take power, that means anybody, like the next Saddam or so.

    So, are Americans stupid? No they are not. They are the only people who actually dare to stand up and stop the whole Communism/Dictatorship rule. They have some unorthodox ways of acheiving this, but are just making sure that something like the Cold War doesn't happen again. If you guys need an example, look at the devastation the Berlin Wall did to the Berlin people, and you will understand the US motives and the Truman Doctrine to prevent such things as the Cold War to ever happen again.

    Any more political/historical questions? ;D

  • There is another side to this... If this country were truely about democracy, why do we support terrorism. We put Saddam in power, we put bin Laden in power, we put the Taliban in power. When 13 of the 15 9/11 hijacker are Saudi, how is it we accuse Iraq? Why is Saudi Arabia not on the list of terrorist nations? Why are we not learning from our mistakes, if we look at the present situation, we are now supporting Pakistani dictator Musharraf... We we 'freed' Kuwait, why did we install a dictator there? Why do we allow the Palestinians to get pushed around, why not fight for their freedom? Why is it that when no other country, even in the Middle East recognized the Taliban as legitamite, the United States under Reagan gave them $200 million dollars?

    I don't think Americans are stupid, I am one for God's sake... I think a great many people are ignorant and misinformed. Mr. Bush has started something he has no clue how to get out of. The language he uses smacks of holy war - Christian vs. Islam, what makes him any better than the extremists? He lied about WMD. He lied about Saddam, Al-Qaeda ties. This is an honest man?? If he said flat out, I hate Saddam and I want him dead, I would have respected him more. The current move makes me distrust and think him nothing more than a bully.

    Any doctrine that got us into the Vietnam War should have been flushed down the toilet. That was the biggest waste of American life in our history. While the US prevent Chile from Communism, it allowed it to swing the other way into fascism. That totalitarian regime is no better.

    Nearly 1000 soldiers killed to fight against Al-Qaeda... where the heck is bin Laden?? great, we captured Saddam, too bad he didn't have anything to do with this...

    When Bush went to go see Pope John Paul II, I was glad to here the Pope gave him a very strong tongue-lashing about ignoring the Church, his lack of following the Principle's of Just War, ignoring the UN and most of the World...
  • Matt, I have a history question for you..

    What do you consider the benefits of the Coming of Christ in tha Pax Romana, and do you think God chose that time specifically and if yes then why?

    Epsaltos Mike
  • Hey Epsaltos,
    Dude, your pissin me off. You need to get your facts together. If you keep pelieving this Michael Moore "Gas Propaganda" I'm sending you some Beeno. I hate hearing this junk about, oh... it was for oil... This is totally retarded and unacceptable. Oh, and if you think that 25 resollutions through the UN isn't exhausting all paths, then please explain what that would be to me. You obviously have issues with Bush, but it is anti-American, not to support your president (leader) and your country. Get your act together man!!!!
  • Hi Peter,

    Just to clarify this little issue...

    The churches stand is against the war, H.H. said that you don't fight terror with terror. He has openly been against these things right from the start. Our church is in a dangerous prediciment in the middle east and H.H. has always been careful to show people in the middle east that we want peace and care about the freedom of the people in Palistine. You may want to support your president but you need to seriously consider if you feel strong enough to do it in contradition to the Churches stance. Again it is a matter of personal belief as no one in the church wants to systematise anyone into any specific opinion but you'll have to weigh this up the value of defending Bush against the Pope and acting against the like-mindedness that St. Paul continually exhorts us to have.

    Whether or not you do have that opinion and wish to defend it (which is your free right if you feel within yourself that the Bush's political agenda is more important that the Pope's) you'll agree that perhaps the language your using with defender isn't appropriate and approaches a potential reoccurance of the events that took place on this board only a couple of weeks ago? Defender may have acted in an immature way but your response was neither graceful nor measured.

    Everyone, are all free to have an opinion but not all opinions are helpful and especially not if we use it as a point of disagreement that we defend in shameful way's valuing our opinion over the feelings of others. Please, please, please, watch what what you all say and refrain from wind up posts. Use clean and considerate language and exhibit Christian rather than self centred behaviour. Perhaps we can respond here with apologies rather than self justifications. If discussing this destroys our mutual brotherhood then lets not discuss this at all.

    God bless,

  • 20th Centure History, people. Only 20th Century History! lol
  • You obviously have issues with Bush, but it is anti-American, not to support your president (leader) and your country.

    i wanted to clarify something defener (Epsaltos Michael) is from canada so really your argument here won't work :D
    AMEN ;D
  • if its anti-american not to support your president, what separates democracy from a dictatorship???
  • Mike,
    This might be a simplistic response. But the most obvious difference between a dictatorship and a democracy is that in a dictatorship, the people in power are usually demagogues and tyrants with little or no respect for their people's beliefs and values. They are ruthless beings who play on the emotions of their people to gain power and run an absolutist-like government.
    A democracy, however, is nearly the exact opposite. We have our choice in who will run our government. Then again, we aren't really the one's who choose, we are simply just influential in the decision of a specific state's Electoral Collegial Vote.
    But who we choose, if he does not get elected, does not mean we must oppose the winner's party and his decisions. He is our President no matter what. We are stuck with him for 4 years whether we like it or not. We must find a way to get along with him because in the end, he runs the country where we live. If we don't like his rules or decisions, don't you think it better for us to leave? Do you know what I'm saying?

    And the voice spake unto him again the second time, What God hath cleansed, that call not thou common (Acts 10:15).

    - Chris
  • Hey guys,

    Hey Peter, I'm sorry about offending your President but as a Canadian I am totally not convinced with what he did. Also if you read his biography it says: [shadow=red,left]Owner, oil and gas business[/shadow].

    Just as I think of Jean Critiean as a total bum because he wanted to allow same-sex marriage and abortion. So I hate the liberal and the NDP parties yet I like the Conservative because it's awesome and Churches are praying for this party.

    So I've never tried the life under President Bush but as a forigener I have diffrent views. I dislike Michael Moore as well so I'm for neither one of them.

    I hope nobody is mad at me...

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