Holy Week

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  • nene107, I don't think it's literally meant, I just think that it means that you should give up something, and for leisure time, I guess that's ok, but most people have to give up food, all vegetarian items, meats especially, the young can fast will milk or eggs, because it is needed, plus it's a source of calcium and eggs are really good for us all!

    Coptic Servent
  • I think everything that could take you away from God or from the church, should be given up not only for Holy week but it should be a practice in the rest of your life.
    It really depends on the relationship...if you think talking to him at that time will further you away from God then by all means stop it at least for this week. If it doesn't harm your spiritual life, then there is nothing wrong with checking up on them every once in a while...
    Like people for instance give up TV for that week or the net or so and so...because it might further them from going to church or from concentrating more on what is really important...the suffering of our Lord.
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